Happy Valentine's Day!


I think this is the first year we have made little mailboxes for Valentine's Day.  We put them up yesterday and had exactly one day to fill them.  We all loved this so much that Ella and I have declared this a new tradition.  Simple envelopes decorated and taped up on the mantel.  Everyone made their own (Except for Mark.  He was at work so I made his.)

See that little CD tucked into my envelope?  That's Mark's gift to me, every year.  A mix of 14 songs reflecting our year together.  I love this.  He writes a note to go with each song- why he chose it; his favorite line from the song, etc.  Basically a nice long love letter.


We went to a little Valentine's Day tea party today with some dear friends, and that was a treat.  (Amy~  That should be a tradition, too!  I should have mentioned it to Ava today. ;))  We had tea and scones and little sandwiches (and yummy salads for the mamas), and some games and crafting, all with wonderful friends.

OH.  And my kids still love me even though we had a harried morning and I hollered at them.  That's true love.

Blessings to you all and Happy Balentime's Day, (as Audra says it. :))



  1. Yay for new traditions! Love the line-up of sweet envelopes.
    And thankful too for forgiving children.

  2. You made our Valentines day super special. Thank you!


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