Paper dolls!

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Today everyone wanted to play a game that Audra (5) didn't want to play, but she was content doing something else, by herself, just as long as I came up with the ideas.  ;)  I suggested that she could get out some paper dolls, to which she said, "Can you draw me some?"

It was then that I remembered these:

Four years ago we went on a family vacation (that included several hours in the van) so I put together some travel games and these coloring books for the kids.

The doll pattern (above) is Sarah's from The Small Object, so I can take no credit for it. You can find it here.  I just added some details (hair, bows and outfits) to her original pattern to make more dolls.

I'm so grateful to have found Ginny's post at Small Things~ for the coloring book idea, and for the idea for the scaled-down version of the doll in order to create your own doll.

When Audra asked today if I could draw some paper dolls, this was what I thought of, and I was trying to remember if I still had any master copies of these... (I tend to save things like this), and mentioned to Ella, "Honey, do you remember those coloring books with dolls that we colored for vacation that one year?"   She was up in a jiffy and came back with some blank ones (from that trip) that she hadn't completed.  Audra spent HOURS drawing these (and cutting them out) today.

Voila:  Paper dolls!


twins!  :)
Then Isaac wanted to photocopy some pages and do some, too:

IMG_6349 - Version 2

Ella was working on them later tonight.  (And if I can sneak in some time tomorrow, I'm going to do some myself!) 

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