{Recent} picture book favorites

Here are a couple of our recent favorites in the picture book category:

the-goat-lady A girl (our storyteller) and her brother move into a new home and curiously observe the happenings at a shabby-looking farmhouse nearby.  There are goats, geese, chickens and a rooster, but the owner seems elusive.  The neighbors complain about the animals and the mess, but the two children befriend the owner of the farmhouse and discover a friend.  (Based on a true story.)

I loved the illustrations in this book and the story is a gem.

TheWorldChampionAtStayingAwake It's bedtime for Stella, but she has three silly stuffed animals to put to bed first.  The trouble is... Cherry Pig, Thunderbolt the puppet mouse, and Beanbag Frog are very wide awake.  They each claim that they're The World Champion of Staying Awake, right up until Stella's creative endeavors put them straight... to sleep.  Super cute.

pigs-from-a-to-zArthur Geisert's Pigs from A to Z was a favorite amongst my kids, because it's a good Finding Book.  On each page there are pigs and alphabet letters hidden in the picture, so we spent many sessions curled up on the couch, heads bent over the page to see who could spot them first.

Also of note by this author: Pigs from 1 to 10, OOPS, The Giant Ball of String, and Lights Out.


  1. i love your suggestions! thank you

  2. These sound so cute, I'm gonna check them out for myself! I can always use the excuse that they are for the grandkids! (:

  3. That World Champion of Staying Awake looks super cute. :) Thank you for the recommendations- always so helpful to get them from a trustworthy source! <3


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