ABC Hunt, Take 2!

Major parenting fail, here.  A couple of weeks ago I was singing the ABC song with the little girls and it became apparent that Audra isn't super familiar with that song.   #youngestchild #sorryaudra  ;)

This is not to say that she doesn't know her ABC's.  She does.  And she knows the sounds most of them make.  And she can write all of her uppercase letters and is learning her lowercase letters.  But.  The ABC song?  Not so much.

I'd been meaning to put up the alphabet somewhere around our house for the girls, so I did that recently.  And now we're practicing the song.


This reminded me of a game I started doing back when Isaac was in Kindergarten (*sob* about him being five.  I love memories of Isaac-at-five.)  We did a game called "ABC Hunt".

^^^These are Isaac's chubby little five-year-old hands and his wobbly five-year-old handwriting.
So this morning I did this with the girls.  I just traced a plate onto cardstock and cut out the circle, then glued it onto a craft stick and did some cutting and writing.  They thought it was pretty fun.  :)  The only rule was that they couldn't stand in front of the alphabet on the wall and flip their little tabs.  ;)



  1. great idea. love the paper on a stick part too.

  2. Fun! We played a version of this while waiting at the doctor's office yesterday. I, too, love the game piece you made for little hands to hold.


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