Saturday happenings

Thank you, sweet friends, for your kind comments on my last post.  I felt so encouraged.

I was thinking this morning about the way that I write here on the blog; how I always sort of imagine that I'm talking to you as if you were actually *here* in my home, sitting on the couch with me,  chatting, kids running through and interrupting every four seconds.  ;)   The things I write here are the types of things I would talk about.  Things like: "I made this really yummy recipe for dinner last night!"  Or "We've been doing this new thing in homeschooling, and it's really working."  Or, "We totally revamped our chore system...(and then I'd show you)"   Or we'd talk about Jesus and what we're reading in the Bible and I'd tell you what I'm learning.  Or we'd share prayer requests and I'd tell you my struggles in parenting and ask yours.  Or I'd tell you what we're planting in the garden this spring.  You know.... as if we were having a conversation.  Because that's what I'd really prefer, honestly.  I think that's what's tricky about blogging for me-- that it's a "conversation" that feels so one-sided at times. 

(By the way, Hannah Joy- my friend texted me this morning and said she thought that after your sweet comment I should keep blogging if only for just YOU.  ;))

Today has been a good day.  On Saturdays we get to "sleep in".  So this morning I got to sleep until 8:26, when Audra (6) came in to snuggle under the covers with me, followed by Adelia (7) a few minutes later.  These girls just recently had their birthdays and I'm still sort of stunned that our youngest is now six.  I love them so much and I am grateful every single day to get to be their mommy.  Even the days where I get the "Mommy!  Mooooommeeeeeee!" so constantly that I am weary of it, or have a tendency to reply with a sharp or exasperated "WHAT?!"  I try to remind myself that I love being called mommy; that someday their voices won't be echoing throughout the house and oh, will I miss that.  I will miss them so much.

After a bit we got ourselves up and out of bed (by that time Ella (13) had also joined us), and they all went to make their own breakfasts- which is a welcome part of our Saturday morning routine, and then they all headed to clean their rooms- another thing we do on Saturdays, and a habit I'm glad we started because now they just know, and they do it.  While they were all eating, I hopped on the stationary bike for 20 min (my foot is mostly better, but I'm still using it), and then showered.  Then while they were all occupied in their rooms, cleaning, I made myself breakfast and rested for a few minutes with my Bible.


(My current favorite spot in the house, and there was even a patch of sunlight streaming in through the window onto the couch!)

Recently I read this post by Carmella.  Her blog Assortment is one that I like to read because her family lives simply, in a small house, with a few things.  Her words and photos inspire me.  I dream of living more simply, always, but the act of doing the things that that kind of living requires, such as: getting rid of stuff, making decisions about what we actually need (not just what we'd like to keep in case we need it someday...), not bringing in new things, and having a home or a place for everything we own?  Those things are the challenge for me.

Anyway, one of the things she encouraged in this article was to envision your essentials by packing for a two-week trip.  Just last month I had the opportunity to fly to Indiana and visit my friend Michelle.  I packed for nearly a week away, and had the thought as I looked at all my clothes tucked into my suitcase: I really hope the airline doesn't lose my luggage.  Because these were all my favorite clothes, and the things that I wear most often: my cozy pair of jeans that fit perfectly, my gray boots that I love and go with everything, my favorite yoga pants, etc.  My luggage did happen come home with me, but when I read her words I realized that dwindling my clothes should be easy if I look at it that way-- what would I bring?  What do I wear most often?  So today I decided to start with my closet.

I grabbed some empty laundry hampers and labelled them and went through my closet and drawers and the bins beneath my bed (I keep off-season stuff under my bed in bins), and finished with 3 huge garbage bags of clothes to get rid of.  HOORAY!  It feels so good.  :)

I hope I can attack other areas of my home, too, but this was a good beginning.

Happy Saturday to you!



  1. Good for you! Madi is really good at that and motivates us all to do more clearing of our stuff!!

    1. That's so great, Stef. We need some Madi's in this house. ;) Almost all of us are collectors, it seems. That or very sentimental about every single thing (including all drawings EVER done). ~sigh~

  2. Getting rid of unused or unwanted things always helps me enjoy the things I do keep so much more. And your comment about your potential luggage getting lost with all your favorite clothes was something I never thought about before. Yikes, since I do very little air travel, I never really have to worry about that. But, I will remember that the next time I do fly. :)

    1. That's such a good point, Heather! --- about enjoying the things you keep so much more when there's less of them. :)

  3. That's so sweet Stacy! :)

    I really can relate to wanting to minimise your stuff but not wanting to make all those decisions!

    1. I think time is a real issue, too... (or lack thereof....) but I do get this itch every spring to declutter!

  4. I've thought that about the airlines losing my luggage too! They may be able to replace the items in monetary value, but not in sentimental or practical value!


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