Photos and a short garden tour

Strawberry bed #1  Waiting for some weeding attention.  ;)

Mark and Ella, working on a puzzle.  I love these two.  

Sourdough bread, the last time I baked it.  But does anyone remember when I was bemoaning my sourdough bread rising problems?  This is that same recipe, right here.  And look at that rise!  I was so proud of myself.  (Now that we're in this trial period of eliminating gluten, I really miss baking bread.  I tried a g-f bread recipe this past week and it was so disappointing. I couldn't even finish one slice.  There's just no comparison.)

Our side yard-- all green and flourishing.  I love this little area, all overgrown with ferns and hosta and bleeding hearts and peonies and other perennials.  One of the reasons I love this area so much is that we did it ourselves (see back to this post), and I remember what a fun family project this was.

Peonies!  Peeking over the picket fence.  These make me so happy.

Tomatoes in the galvanized buckets, strawberries in the planters, a little pot of thyme.
Our strawberries just a week ago, when they were first beginning to ripen.  (For the past few days we've been able to pick a handful of ripe berries per day!)

Strawberry bed #2 (and my toes), as I wonder what happened to that dead section 
in the center of the bed.


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