Breakfast Of Choice

I'm sure I've mentioned that breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I almost always eat different things than the kids-- I'll make them muffins or scones or pancakes or coffee cake, but I rarely eat those things for all the calories (except those Raspberry White Chocolate Scones.  I ate TWO).  So if I can squeeze in ten minutes to make myself breakfast and about five minutes to eat it, I am a happy girl. :)  This is much easier when I'm not trying to homeschool, also, so summertime is such a treat for me.

Now you get to hear about my Breakfast Of Choice for the past several days.  I'll keep eating it as long as I have ripe tomatoes in the garden and crusty bread, because YUM.

I take a piece of french bread or sourdough and toast it.  While that's toasting, I head outside to pick some fresh tomatoes (these are Sungold) and some fresh basil leaves.  Then I spread or crumble some chevre cheese on top of the toast (maybe 1-2 tsp), and fry up an egg or two and dump it on top of the toast.  I then slice the tomatoes and snip or tear the basil on top and then top it all off by drizzling some balsamic reduction over it all.  It is so delicious.  And it makes me so happy.

Is your mouth watering?  Do this. Or some variation of it.

My kids had breakfast cookies, which they were quite happy about:

I even added mini M&M's.


  1. Ooo, I'd take your breakfast any day! Blessings,

  2. Super fun breakfast post! It's fun to read about how much you love your special breakfast. I am a late comer to savory breakfast foods. At this point, Bob makes me a piece of bacon, and a scrambled egg to place in my choice of a tortilla or an English muffin if we have them. I love that he makes them for me and I keep telling myself that the savory protein rich meal is going to last me longer than any sweet something that sounds better. Yummy!

  3. Where can we make a reservation for breakfast with you? Hee hee! It sounds delicious ♥


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