Evaluating our School Year: Bible time

This post is part of a series I'm doing as a way to evaluate our school year.  I am covering each subject, describing what we did; what worked for us and what didn't work; and detailing any changes I plan to make.  I find this process so helpful as I finish out our year and before I begin to plan for our next year.  


Every day, the first thing we do during our morning time is to read from the Bible or a Bible story bookI've written before about my two favorite Bible story books.  This year we read Hurlbut's- just a page or two each morning, not even always finishing the section.

Here are some of the things we do for Bible time narrations:
1. Stop after reading a paragraph or two and call on one of the kids (surprise!) to narrate it for me.
2. Ask questions at the end of the reading time:  "Adelia, tell me about ____________"Isaac, can you describe ____________?"
3. Utilize our dry erase board for sketching out the story itself.  (I'll break up the story into parts and have each child take one part and draw it on the board.  Then we'll show daddy at lunchtime and
each child can re-narrate his/her part to him.)
4. Utilize our dry erase board for writing up the "characters" from the story and listing what we learned about them. Generally I have the pen, and I'll say, "Okay, what did we learn about __*insert name here*___   from this passage?" and the kids will call things out and I'll write them all down.

Towards the end of the year we also read the "Proverb of the Day".  [So, the first day of the month we read Proverbs chapter 1, the second day of the month we read Proverbs chapter 2, etc.]  One of my oldest would read the chapter aloud, and then I would generally ask all the kids if any parts/verses stood out to them and we'd talk about it.

All of our Bible time ends in some sort of conversation or discussion, and it is nearly always my favorite time of the day.  I love hearing my kids' observations on the Scripture we read.

My older two have requested that we skip the Bible story books and read straight from the Bible. This is what we'll do for next year.  (I have kept the Bible story books in our rotation for the sake of the little girls, because so much of what we do is geared toward the older kids that I have to work to try to keep some things *younger* for them.) 


  1. I love your evaluations, friend. You are so honest with your work and reasonable with your expectations (I'm sure you would say, "Not always!" but still...) Thank you for sharing.
    And I'm starting the dreaming about next year's schoolwork and wondering if I'm just imagining that I read once about how you do composer study and artist/picture study? I thought I remembered how lovely and simple it was, and I just wanted a quick refresher before I go all out and nuts. ;) If you didn't write about it, then nevermind (but maybe you should). Love you!!

    1. Hello sweet friend,
      We're on vacation, so I only have a couple of minutes, but I found the picture study post for you:


      (I don't know that that will direct-link for you, but there it is to cut & paste at least.)

      And within that post there are links to two other picture study posts. I'll also cover that topic again within the next couple of weeks, in case it's changed. But that post will get you started!

      Love to you,

    2. And for Composer Study, maybe this one:



  2. Thank you so much, kind friend! <3 Hope your vacation was lovely!


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