Questions for the wise- Part four and Part five

*2006 post*

Two more questions for you wise mamas:

1. What sort of planning calendar/system do you use? For the past number of years I have been using a Franklin Covey planner. I don't think it's working anymore. It's too small, for one. Ideally, what I would like is this:

-One that hangs on the wall (more visible).
-One that has room for not only birthdays/addresses, but also meal plans, lesson plans and other notes.

What are you using?

2. What is your system for getting your children's pictures taken? (the get dressed-up, "school" portrait type of picture). I would like to buck this tradition altogether and just get a yearly family picture taken, but my mother-in-law has a wall of those 8x10 individual shots of each grandchild that she likes updated photos for.

What do you do?

-Do you have all of your children together in one picture or get individual pictures of each child?
-How often and when do you have these taken? (I want to hear if you don't do this at all, either!)

Okay, two questions. You don't have to answer both but please do comment on one if any thoughts come to mind!

Blessings to each one of you today!

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  1. Jul. 28, 2006 - Untitled Comment
    Posted by Rebeca
    Here's what works for me: I hang a "pretty" calendar on the wall, and I like to get the kind where each page is a filing cabinet sized pocket that I put all my grocery receipts for the month. On that I write appointments, etc. I do menu planning, chores, etc. on my iCal Calendar on the computer. (It's a Mac program but I'm sure there are many similart things for PCs.) I print out one week at a time and like to put that up on the fridge. It's nice to do it week by week because even though I have a standard menu it changes and I can adjust it before I print it out. This may not be the best system but it works for me.
    Regarding pictures, I went and got Peregrine's taken a few times and was always frustrated with the experience. Now we just take lots of digital pictures of the kids, and sometimes we actually set up a little "session", like at Christmas or Mother's day or a birthday. Erik is pretty into photography so we usually get some good shots. The kids are more relaxed and I don't miss the "professional" pictures at all. We either print them at home or upload them to Walmart. It's a lot cheaper and you can print just what you want.


    Jul. 28, 2006 - Untitled Comment
    Posted by AussieinAmerica
    About the portraits...I don't do them!!! I did a few when my daughter was little but I don't like them all that well. I take lots and lots of photos of my kids all the time and with luck I get some pretty good ones. I prefer those to studio know when you capture their smiling face at the beach or playing in the dirt...that is what I like. I don't have any one asking me for portraits though...I keep sending bunchs of other photos and they are happy with that. If a family memeber really wanted a studio portrait I would probably just take them to Walmart.
    As for the first question...I am currently working on a Home Management Binder in which I am going to put my routines, schedules, monthly calendar and other info. I also like a wall calendar for quick reference.
    Hope you have a great day,


    Jul. 28, 2006 - Untitled Comment
    Posted by Sandi
    I use the the Polestar Family Planner

    I like it because when it is open you have an entire week in front of you and space for meals, chores, appts. messages etc. Th above link gives you a sample of the page lay out. I have used this for going on five years and love it.


    Jul. 28, 2006 - You guys are too cute
    Posted by Cutzi
    I just have to say that all this organizational talk cracks me up. I am thankful that there are organized people in the world, sometimes I wish I was one of them. I once had a person tell me that I seemed really organized and I literally laughed out loud.

    Do you think it's genetic? Because I cannot think of one person in my family who has anything more than a little calendar or datebook that they write things on and people in my family especially do not plan out meals. Only because Amy said it first, I will say that I am a good cook and the people in my family are great cooks. Maybe it's just that we leave cooking up to whatever we feel like that particular night. I really don't know.

    As for pictures, I'm kind of the same way. If I feel like it I take Steele to get his picture taken or once I had someone come over and take pictures of him. I take pictures of him myself off and on. It truly was a new thought to me to plan it out.

    Do you think people who are more organized are less stressed or do you get stressed planning everything so much? I'm starting to get stressed thinking maybe I should plan things more. ;-)


    Jul. 29, 2006 - Two Suggestions...
    Posted by Joni
    I'm thinking a lot about this lately too. I have a Covey-type planner as well, although it's put out by Moody Press, so it's the Christian version. But as a homeschooling mom, I want something that's more appropriate for my lifestyle. I've been investigating on the web and found a whole set of postings on Melissa Wiley's blog "The Lilting House". Here's the
    address: /

    Also, being a scrapper (like you?), I'm looking into an (expensive) system for scrapper/mama types. Found it on Stacy Julian's Big Picture Scrapbooking blog. The post is at (scroll down to "plan big to live big") and it links you to the company's site. I have to admit that part of my draw to this system is it's absolute cute-ness!

    Consequently, I think you'd like both blogs for other things too. Check them out!
    Glad you're back. Glad you enjoyed our wonderful Hoosier state. Looking at your photos just looked like home! ;)

    Sweet Blessings,

    PS Sorry I can't seem to figure out how to put links into a comment. You know I'm not to computer savvy! Do you know how to do that? Anyway, hope you find these and they're helpful. If not, just email me. ;)


    Jul. 30, 2006 - For those who commented...
    Posted by
    Thank you all for sharing what you're using (or links you've seen) for a planning calendar! Some great ideas... I'm still thinking on it but will let you know what I decide on! :)

    As for the pictures... WHEW!!! Why is it that I think I have to keep doing this thing that I don't like to do? I'm DONE with the formal picture-taking. There. It's official. I like the idea of sitting them down here for a photo session, and then using those pictures and printing them out into wallets or 8x10's or whatever for those who may want them.

    ps- Cutzi: it's fun to see you commenting on our blog! And- ask Amy: I'm not organized, either. I'm just trying to be moreso!



    Aug. 1, 2006 - wow....
    Posted by FaithfulGrace
    Great garden bounty you are wonderful!!!!
    Apple butter would be yummy to, spread it on your toast this winter.

    We use a studio called Portrait Innovation(you can search online and find a studio near you) near our home. I got a lot of pictures(23 sheets, including two 10x13 composite shots of my three girls) plus the cd of all the pictures for $100 bucks. That included 8x10 sheets, which no one but myself wants. I'm always trying to get my mother's to take them, they want small ones.

    Loved the mountain climbing shots to, I agree mountains are splendid.
    Wishing you a blessed and great day,


    Aug. 2, 2006 - Portraits = Stress
    Posted by Pomaleedon
    Well-composed candids are so much more fun! They capture the children's personalities much better than a posed portrait.
    It's a time to get artistic with your subjects: close-in on their faces or catch them from an unusual angle.
    And it's a lot cheaper!
    This will take some adjustment from previous generations that are solidly entrenched in the yearly school photo tradition. For their sakes, make sure your children's faces are clearly presented.


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