Happy Birthday, Amy!

*2006 post*

Today is Amy’s birthday.

Amy and I have known each other since the 6th grade. How old are you then? 12? That’s 19 years of friendship.

I wasn’t journaling regularly when I was twelve, but I was a few years later. Here’s a journal entry I found from when I was fifteen years old:

Amy has been such a good friend to me. I totally love her! She’s such an encouragement to me. Whenever I’m having an awful day I always totally pour out my problems and she is such a good listener! It’s so nice to have a wonderful Christian friend… she’s such a cutie pie! I love her a lot.

That was sixteen years ago. All those things are still true. Amy, you are still such a good friend to me. I still "totally" love you. You are still an encouragement to me. You are still a good listener. It is still nice to have such a wonderful Christian friend! And you are still a "cutie pie" (though I don't usually use the terms "totally" and "cutie pie" anymore!) And you are so much more!

One of the great things about being friends for so many years is that we have a lot of history. I treasure that. Here are some of the remember-whens that come to mind:

Remember when…

…I would spend the night in your trundle bed? (When you weren’t grounded. J)
...We played cards together? (Speed. And you always won!)
…We had those Bible Studies at my house in High School?
…You almost broke the lady’s feet behind you at the MWS concert?
…We’d pray for your dad to come to know Jesus?
…You said, ”And then you have your right hand…?”
…You wrecked practically every single one of your cars in high school?
…That flying cockroach nearly got us into an accident?
…We accidentally linked toes? (That WAS an accident, by the way.)
…You got your permit and you were driving us home from a movie and you hit a dog? And were hysterical?
…We’d take college road trips with Yo, Mark, Vicky, Sherri and Matt?
…The ONE time I drove your car I backed straight into a police car and dented the door? Or when I sat on your glasses and broke them? Nice.
…We’d stay up late in the attic of the Mansion talking? Or dancing or being crazy and Kathi would come to the bottom of the stairs and “Shhh” us?! Remember the ‘friendly reminder’ notes on the fridge? Jen eating?
…Our car broke down on the way to Paul’s wedding? And we were freaking out and the guys just wanted to finish their hamburgers?
…You gave us that camellia tree? I think of you every time I see it in our backyard.
…You stood beside me on my wedding day?
…I stood next to you on yours?
…I told you we were finally pregnant and you literally fell to your knees, weeping- with gratitude and joy?

And then there are all the notes, cards and letters we’ve written over the years. And all the conversations we’ve had on the phone.

And the fights, the times we’ve gone without speaking to each other. The tears, the long letters. The apologizing, the forgiving.

And the joys of pregnancies and deliveries and baby milestones. Being there when you delivered A, L and E. How I love those boys, and how I love the mama you are to them!

Who would have thought, all those years ago- that the friendship we were growing then would turn into the friendship we have now?! I am immeasurably grateful. (And I wonder what I’ll be writing to you in another 19 years…?)

Happy 31st birthday.

I love you, my dearest friend.

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  1. Jul. 2, 2006 - thanks friend
    Posted by reformingmama
    My favorite part is your journal entry! I can't believe how good you were at journaling even at a young age!
    Thank you for the kind words and the fun memories. I laughed and cried!
    Love you friend, Amy


    Jul. 2, 2006 - Happy Birthday Amy!
    Posted by Dana
    You two have a super rad friendship that I think is so completely awsome. I totally wish my b/f from 5th grade lived closer. But we KIT.
    You guys are truly b/f/f.
    That is like, totally cool!


    Jul. 3, 2006 - Untitled Comment
    Posted by Michelle
    Happy Birthday, Amy! (a day late!) This list made me laugh....and I do not even get half the references!!! I know that your friendship to Stacy is such a blessing in her life...I can always tell by the way she talks so highly about you! What a wonderful thing that God gives us sisters in Christ to share the journey with!


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