Today at our house

*2006 post*

What I've done today so far: Got up early (5:30) to spend time with God. (Something I aim to do every day but don't always make it!)
Went walking with my mom at 6:30. Just showered.

Listening to: Zoboomafoo. (This is the one show my children are allowed to watch on TV. They love this one. I admit it: I get drawn in sometimes, too!)

What's on the agenda today: After breakfast (bran muffins) we're going to go for a walk to an outdoor market that has lots of fresh produce.

When we get home I hope to get some weeding done in the garden (around the sunflowers, and then thin our carrots) while the kids play happily outside. (I'm also hoping my 15-month old will refrain from eating dirt!)

Then we'll have lunch, then naps (for the boys) quiet time (for my girl and me). When the boys wake up we'll probably head back outside.

And at some point today I'm going to pay some bills, too.

That's IT! I love days like these!

Dinner plans: We're going to Amy's for dinner tonight. Thai Peanut Wraps is what she's making (yummy!), I'm making Oriental Chicken Salad. We plan to put the kids down and stay late to play games. Not sure which game (probably Settlers?)

What I've been reading in the blogosphere this week:

My friend Michelle and her family are leaving in just 2 days to pick up their baby boy from Guatemala; I'm tuning in often for the updates!

Kendra has had some great posts this week at Preschoolers and Peace. (Okay, well, she has great posts every week. But especially this week!) Check out, if you haven't already: The Memory Work Box, Thirteen Rules for Gentlemen, and just posted today, Thirteen Rules for Ladies.

Also, Amy mentioned to me yesterday the blog Life In A Shoe. This woman has seven daughters and just delivered her first boy. She blogged (or her husband did) at different intervals during labor and delivery. Kinda fun. (What mama doesn't like to hear the details of another mama's birth story?)

Okay, that's all I have time for. Because what I'm listening to NOW is this:

-My daughter impatiently urging the boys to get their shoes on for our walk. She just came and set my shoes by my feet, saying, "Put your shoes on! We're missing the store!" (meaning, "we're late", I think.)

-My 2 year old standing by the door (ready to go) singing "I've got the love of Jesus in my heart" at the top of his lungs, but throwing in different words occasionally. Oh! Now it's changed to God of Wonders (the song of choice for him).

Time to get going.... Perhaps we'll be having those muffins as we walk! :)

Hope all of you have a wonderful day!

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  1. Jun. 30, 2006 - I love it!
    Posted by Michelle
    I love hearing the details of your day! Oh happy day! Hugs for everyone from me, OK???? Can you fit that in?? =) And a big hello to Amy and family, too!


    Jun. 30, 2006 - Untitled Comment
    Posted by Rebeca
    Sounds like a very nice day. And a nice weekend to you and yours!


    Jun. 30, 2006 - WE KNEW IT!
    Posted by PreschoolersandPeace
    We knew we liked you two! Gosh, here Lisa and I have commented week after week how much you two remind us of us 10 years ago, and now we learn you play Settlers! We knew we liked you!

    So when are you coming to CA for a visit? We could have a really great eightsome of Settlers. We even have the expansion sets!


    Jul. 1, 2006 - You make life fun!
    Posted by
    What a good day. Do you know how blessed you are to have a like-minded friend living near you that you also share a history with? I am sure you do!
    Have a great weekend - both of you!

    Edited by Dana on Jul. 1, 2006 at 9:00 AM


    Jul. 1, 2006 - Sounds nice
    Posted by AussieinAmerica
    Sounds like you had a lovely day enjoying your children. Hope you have a wonderful Lord's day.


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