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A few days ago I was cleaning our living/family room and decided something had to be done.

As I put things away, I was very conscious of all the things that didn’t really have a place. So I grabbed a piece of paper and taped it on the wall. At the top of this paper, I wrote: "Things without a home". Then each time I came across something (or a group of things) that didn’t have a ‘home’, I wrote it on the list. Not only did I write it on the list, but I then took that item and set it aside. So now I have a pile of things that don’t have places.

Out of the eleven items that made it on my list, five of them are all in the same category: markers, paints & brushes, stamps, crayons, and paintbrush pens. Here are some of those things:

Now, obviously our crayons have a 'home'; they're in a bin, but where should I put that bin? And the markers. Where do those go?

Until now these various containers have been setting on top of this, which houses the toys, but I'm tired of having them there. It's too cluttery.

Can some of you share what you do with crafty items? Do you have a shelf, a drawer or a larger bin you put all these things in? Please help! I’d love some suggestions!

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  1. Jun. 28, 2006 - Untitled Comment
    Posted by CreativeHomeschooling
    I like the term "things without a home" I will have to remember that for our next cleaning booklet. LOL In my house I use those small plastic basic, stackable baskets and even milk crates for the various things...it's a mess right now and you just gave me an idea. My 5 y.o. ds loves to catergorize things so I think I will dump all that stuff in a pile and have him put them in the mini tubs.

    Jennie von Eggers


    Jun. 28, 2006 - Craft Clutter
    Posted by MotherHen
    We had this same problem...we solved it by using a TV armoire that we no longer used for hiding the TV to store all our crafts and the family computer. There is a drawer under the area where the computer sits that we use for paper: construction, index cards, copy paper, scratch, etc... There are also two lower cabinets. We store miscellaneous supplies in these: modeling magic, foam peices, markers, paints, etc... All supplies have their own "bin"--the large plastic buckets that modeling magic comes in are great for this. I also have two "under the bed" type plastic storage boxes. They are about 48" long, 18" wide and 4-6" deep. These work great for larger items: large construction paper, empty boxes used to build castles or cities on rainy days, painting smocks, etc...If you don't have an armoire or if your bed already has stuff stored under it perhaps you could use a shelf in the pantry or even a cupboard in the kitchen.


    Jun. 28, 2006 - Something similar
    Posted by Corin
    We have the same storage units that you stored them on top of, but we did it a little differently. We bought the one that is 1 big bin tall and 3 wide, then took 2 of the really tall ones (something like 5 feet I believe?) and set them on top. They fit perfectly! Then we just ran to home depot for some brackets to hold them all together and we have floor to ceiling bins!

    I'm not sure if that's where all of the arts and crafts things will go yet (we've just remodeled and are still reorganizing things), so currently they are on an empty shelf of a bookcase.


    Jun. 28, 2006 - Dana here!
    Posted by
    I went 'shopping' in the family bunk house. And found and old 8 drawer dresser.
    1. for coloring books
    2. for extra pens and coloring tools
    3. painting stuff
    4. push pins, tape, glue, ruler's, labeler....
    5 & 6 math manipilatives
    7 binder supplies - dividers, page protectors...
    8. random art supplies, stencils
    I'll post a pic tonight on my blog tonight :)

    And I got the kids each their own bin holder's (we call it)
    small bins are their personal supplies
    red bin is their fun papers and books that they play with
    blue is their school books

    I'll post a pic on my blog tonight!

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    Jun. 28, 2006 - Crafts?
    Posted by PreschoolersandPeace
    Do I HAVE to do crafts?

    We have simple Rubbermaid shoeboxes labeled for each thingie- Wikki Stix, markers, weaving loom, etc. Notice I didn't say PlayDo :)

    Then they all are stacked in a schoolroom cupboard. But then my house was built by Mormons so we have tons of built-in storage. Gotta love the Mormons for that!


    Jun. 29, 2006 - Jennie, MotherHen, Corin, Dana, and Kendra,
    Posted by reformingmama
    Now that I think on it, I'm pretty sure the term "things without a home" was Kendra's, at Preschoolers and Peace. (Right, Kendra? I think I heard that term first on your blog!)
    That's a great idea to set up a child with the organizing work; I'll bet my daughter would love that project, too. Now I think I need to invest in some more bins (same size, stackable!)

    What a great idea- that you're using your TV armoire like that. And I'm happy to know someone else has more crafts than we do...:) Thanks for the suggestion to use a cupboard in the kitchen. I may be doing that!

    Wow. Love that idea! Maybe we need to make an IKEA trip, soon. That's always my favorite part of the store- all the storage solutions! :) And- I'm thrilled you're blogging!

    You're the best! And so creative- a chest of drawers! I checked out your pictures this morning... love seeing your system!

    Thanks for chiming in! First I have to find a spot, then I have to get some stackable bins and start labeling (and condensing as I go; I detest the paint pens!) In the meantime, I am working on my recipe book AND my memory work box, thanks to you! :)

    Blessings, Stacy


    Jun. 29, 2006 - Untitled Comment
    Posted by Corin
    I'll put up a picture for you. The bottom unit is a bit deeper than the top so it makes a nice little legde to drive cars on ;-)


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