Sewing: My first project

My mom sewed many clothes for me and my sister over the years. I have fond memories of heading to the fabric store, selecting a pattern, choosing a fabric, and watching a piece take shape as she worked on it.

Although I learned a lot from watching, I never actually learned to sew myself. With the exception of a couple of Home Ec projects, I have never sewn anything myself.

This past year I've been itching to learn. I have many plans to make curtains, bibs, aprons, dresses and skirts for my daughter, doll clothes, and some quilting. It is also one of the practical skills I want to teach my daughter.

A friend of mine from church, who is an excellent seamstress, recently offered to teach me. I jumped at the opportunity. She invited me over for my first lesson this past Monday, and I made this for my daughter's stuffed bunny (and constant companion) Flopsy.

Here is Flopsy wearing her new dress:

Anyway, I'm pretty excited about the whole venture so I thought I'd share it with you!

My encouragement to those of you who already know how to sew: teach someone else! It is a generous gift to give.

And I think I've managed to convince my husband to buy me a machine for Christmas (so, for you sewers out there, in an effort to help my husband- any suggestions on what kind of sewing machine and which features to look for in a machine?)

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  1. Aug. 9, 2006 - Wow!!
    Posted by Michelle
    I thought the first project was supposed to be a pillow case or something like that.....GREAT JOB!!!! How fun! Was Ella THRILLED????? How fun...I love it!


    Aug. 9, 2006 - Sewing Project
    Posted by Cutzi
    Great job Stacy!!

    I have the same memories of my mom when I was growing up too - so that was fun to read. The only thing - she didn't teach me to sew either. My grandma did.

    I've had several sewing machines in my life. My favorite is the Husqua Varna I own now that my mother in law gave me. She got a fancy shmancy machine and now she wishes she had this one back. My suggestion is don't get anything with too many bells and whistles. Get one that has a reputation of being a good machine - but basic. My theory: the less there is to go wrong with it, the less that will.


    Aug. 9, 2006 - Untitled Comment
    Posted by Corin
    What a cute little dress!

    I'm a very beginning beginner. I bought a Brother sewing machine that I LOVE! Other sewing machines always tried to kill me (yes, I consider shooting needles at my face a death threat ;-) ) But this one really likes me!


    Aug. 9, 2006 - Yeah, Stacy!
    Posted by kevmem
    I will encourage you to make those things for your daughter....I have wonderful memories of my grandma making ALL KINDS of stuff for my dolls and even my barbies! How she sewed stuff that small without going bonkers is beyond me! I WANTED to do all that stuff for my girls, but it never happened. I did sew a cute Little House on the Prairie type dress for my oldest when she was about 3, and I have to say that I LOVED working on it and I loved the end result. Daughter #2 wore that dress as well. I wish I could say I could hand it down to any didn't survive! But I still have the pattern and can make another one!

    I came upon this in a blog recently and I was hoping to make it for my girls. It would be a great use for those jeans with holes in the knees!

    Happy Sewing!


    Aug. 9, 2006 - What a cute dress
    Posted by GenesisFamily
    very nice especially for your first try. I would post pictures of the first thing I tried to sew but people might die from laughing. I finally asked a friend to teach me and learned a great deal. I love to sew but can't seem to find the time lately!


    Aug. 9, 2006 - Untitled Comment
    Posted by Rebeca
    Great job Stacy!
    I would concur with the advice to go simple with a sewing machine. Think about what you will be doing with it and most likely you really only need the basics. I have an older Kenmore and I love it. If you go to one of the sewing/vacum stores they can give you a lot of information and let you try out different machines. Often they sell used ones too and those can be a good deal. I got my machine used over 10 years ago and have used it TONS and it's still going strong! My Mom has had her Kenmore for over 20 years and it's still in great shape too.
    Good job on learning a new skill!


    Aug. 9, 2006 - Untitled Comment
    Posted by Anonymous
    That's so pretty! I would love a dress like that for my daughter. Let me know when you graduate to bigger sizes. (my daughter is five)



    Aug. 9, 2006 - well done
    Posted by MicheleinNZ
    Well done! That looks great! I, too, have been thinking about these skills that I don't really have. My mother-in-law makes wedding dresses and all that kind of stuff. I don't even hem my husband's pants! I take them over to her house and she does them. I would really like to knit, another thing my MIL does very well. I should stop talking about it and just do it!


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