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Thank you to all of you who wrote such encouraging comments on my last post. I'm not sure that I'm done blogging here. Still praying about that one. In the meantime, you can check out the archives or the links on the sidebar.

Blessings to each and every one of you!

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  1. Oct. 6, 2006 - Well...
    Posted by dawilli
    Whatever you decide, it's been nice getting to know you a bit through your posts, I've only recently found your blog so I probably will spend some time perusing your archives as I have enjoyed your writing.
    Have a good one,
    enjoy them,


    Oct. 8, 2006 - Untitled Comment
    Posted by Anonymous
    Hi Stacy, I really do understand. I really, really, really do. :)

    The bottom line is...do what God has for you. Time away often helps....it helps me to gain clarity, and so far - God has allowed me to come back to blogging - but it has to remain in the proper perspective and time frame, and it usually means a renewed commitment to priorities and discipline in my life.

    Sometimes when I have been away on trips, I have this sort of reality check..."why does blogging/computer time seem so important to me?" Is it for me? Is it an ego trip? Is it the interaction? Should I be seeking interaction more in real life than in the blogosphere?" I think, over time, it has mellowed into what it should be in my own life...which would be..."If God leads me here, if He can use me here, then this is where I should be." I realize that God also will not lead me to put other things before my husband and children...so if it gets out of whack, then I need a realignment. :)

    Maybe, Stacy, you just need a little time away to listen to Him, and perhaps you don't need to put so much pressure on yourself...if He is going to use you thru blogging, then He will bring the right people your way, those who need to hear what you have to say.

    I'll be checking back in. :)



    Oct. 9, 2006 - GASP!!!!
    Posted by Michelle
    Gasp!!! I just keep coming back here, even though I know there won't be a post (kinda like how when the electricity is off and I just keep flipping that light switch when I come in the room) but.....BEHOLD......today I see something other than "the end"!!!!! I made an audible gasping noise!! =) I know that the Lord will lead you on this...and you are so wise to be taking the time to seek Him on it!! Love you!


    Oct. 9, 2006 - TV
    Posted by kidsus8
    Your TV dilemma sounds similar to my computer time. Congrats on sticking with your decisions.


    Oct. 9, 2006 - Untitled Comment
    Posted by Sarah
    Hi Friend!

    Just getting back into the swing of things after being gone for two weeks and I must confess that I was very sad to see your “end” post! I have learned so much from your writings and I have appreciated your blog so much. I know God will lead you “in way in which you should go”. Bless you as you seek Him!


    Oct. 15, 2006 - Untitled Comment
    Posted by Anonymous
    It's like what we always tell our girls, too much of ANYTHING is bad, unless it's God.
    Hope you find what God is calling you to do...


    Oct. 16, 2006 - Untitled Comment
    Posted by marchn341
    Hi Stacy,
    I'm new around here, but I recently read a little of your blog and am encouraged. I don't have it all crystalized in my mind, but I would venture to say that the Lord isn't about moderation (I don't see that anywhere in the Bible). He wants us to seek Him wholeheartedly and to obey Him. And that is what you're doing. I am still allowing the Lord to lay the foundation for our family in many ways, so blogging for me is not a high priority. I think many of us have come out of not so good backgrounds and it takes a lot of work, well actually a lot of time seeking the Lord and trusting Him to do the work and give us wisdom. I'm still learning. I think blogging can be a great avenue to share with others the journey we're on. I have learned so much from lindafay and am grateful for her obedience to the Lord! But honestly, I'm not where she's at. I'm still learning to be obedient in "blogging" to my God and being a helpmeet to my husband. These are my priorities. And I'm trusting that there will be blessing and fruit as a result. Thank you for sharing your heart. God bless you in the journey you're on! Christy


    Oct. 23, 2006 - Hi there!
    Posted by Dana
    I have to tell you Stacy, I made your strudel and it was fabulous. Great pictures - I needed the visiual. I hope all is well. I am so glad when I see you post a comment. Lets me know your still out there.


    Oct. 28, 2006 - Stacy....
    Posted by Anonymous
    Have I mentioned lately how you minister to me? Your passion for God, your love for family, your desire to be all that God intends you to be... it exudes through every post. I have learned so much from you sister. Thank you for your recent email... I am mulling and will write soon... You ask (as always) such good questions.... I deeply appreciate you...

    Know that He loves you, Stacy.. and uses you....

    All is grace...
    Ann V.


    Oct. 30, 2006 - Blessings...
    Posted by CandidReflections
    Hi Stacy, I was sad to see that you are on blogging break, at least for the time being. I fully understand the desire to step back and re-evaluate your ability to continue with blogging as one of your many irons in the fire. I'm an "all or nothing" type as well and have thought how easy it is to get really caught up in spending way too much time on the computer...especially now with high speed internet and blogging. Even though at my stage of life, with our children grown and much more discretionary time, it can easily draw me in if I don't have safeguards in place. The comments about "moderation" may be an option at such a time when you feel released to post again. Maybe you could schedule it...like we do so many good things in life...and allow yourself to blog just one or two days a week. It could be a date you make with yourself and your "cyber friends" much like attending a local Bible Study, woman's group, or going to lunch with a friend. It is often very challenging for young mother's...especially if home schooling... to find a balance between our own needs for creative outlet and the discipline of keeping our focus on home and family. When so much of what we spend our time on seems repetitive and fleeting...it's a joy to have a creative outlet that becomes a permanent record of our creativity. That is why I have always enjoyed scrapbooking... I do it once and then it's there to enjoy, hopefully for generations to come! It is refreshing to spend time on something that doesn't get eaten up, used up, need scrubbed, cleaned or disciplined!! It just sits there on the shelf to bring back happy memories each time we look at it. I look at blogging the same way...a permanent record of our journey through life and walk with God.... and it can show God's faithfulness to us when we receive encouraging comments from other like-minded friends. I will certainly pray for you each time the Lord brings you to mind that you will continue to be sensitive to His calling on your life. Thank you for the gracious welcome you have given me as a new blogger and the encouraging interactions we have had (no matter how brief). Blessings to you and your family! Diane


    Nov. 3, 2006 - Missing your blog so much!
    Posted by Michelle
    So....like in 3 days it will be a month....I keep checking and hoping!!! =) Love you!


    Nov. 3, 2006 - Untitled Comment
    Posted by jengresak
    I check every day -rofl! It's so pitiful : )


    Nov. 5, 2006 - Tomorrow is the day right?????
    Posted by Sandi
    Looking forward to it!


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