Catching up...

It seems that life is rushing by lately and I'm belated in posting some things, so here's my effort to catch up a bit in documenting it.

*Exactly one week ago today I had the privilege of being present at the birth of my dear friend Amy's fifth child, Justus. Head on over to their family blog to see pictures of their handsome boy!

*This past weekend Mark and I celebrated twelve years of marriage. And- can I just say?- I love this man more and more as each year passes. I am daily thankful for this husband God has given me. In a culture full of faithlessness and divorce, I do not take this man or the strength of our marriage for granted.

*We spent Father's Day with Mark's side of the family at his parents' place near the river.

Mark's dad is the best grandpa to our kids

Isaac making little sand trees with his cousin

Mark, with our oldest and youngest

Me with Audra, chatting with Mark's mom and sister (holding Adelia). Ella and her cousin are in the background.

*This week (and next) we're in the midst of swimming lessons. Ella, Isaac and Isaias are in the pool and Mark and I, each holding a little one, are keeping our eyes on them so as not to miss that brave jump or successful dive or face-into-the-water.

It cracks me up how true to their personalities our children are in this environment. Isaac is not too keen on getting his face wet, and half the time I'm pretty sure he has completely forgotten that he's in class because he's either trying to carry on a conversation with us (as we do our best to ignore him because we'd actually prefer he pay attention to what's going on in his class) or is sort of off in his own little world, having a grand time of it. Isaias is determined to do well, feels like such a big boy and is quite proud of himself for each achievement. Ella is completely focused. At every available opportunity, she is practicing holding her breath or the proper diving position. [Our ottoman has been used as a diving board several times this week. I'm sure you can all guess who has appointed herself "teacher" in her game of let's-play-swimming-lessons! :)]

*Lastly, I'd like to ask you to pray for some dear friends of ours who are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia. They are waiting for their little boy, Samuel, who is now 16 months old. They have been waiting for several months and have had nine court dates come and go, and each time have not "passed" court because of various paperwork issues. While we know God is in control, even in these delays, our hearts are heavy for them as we know how much they yearn to bring their son home. Will you join us in praying- even a quick prayer, before you click away?- for favor upon Samuel's file and case? (((Thank you!)))


  1. Thanks for the update! I need to do one of these too!

  2. Wow! Nine court dates? That's unbelievable! I'm definitely praying, as I can't imagine how they must feel. I was going nearly nuts over our ONE! Please update with any news on their Samuel!

    And I love the picture of Isaac at swim lessons. Adorable! :-)

  3. Great to catch up with the fam.

    Prayed for your friends.

    And Amy's SO cute.

  4. Fun! Hannah starts at Bayside July 6th!! :-)

  5. I love the swimming pictures, how fun!
    I am so thankful you were there for the birth of Justus!
    And Happy Anniversary!
    Love you!

  6. Getting caught up on your last few posts, and I keep thinking HOW BEAUTIFUL your family is!! And how HUGE that rhubarb is!! I wish I was your neighbor and might benefit from some of your rhubarb delights. (And hold a baby or two.) xoxoxo

  7. Hi Stacy :) Precious pics! Happy Anniversary to you and Mark :)

    And, yes! We will pray for Samuel. Love, Q


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