Odds and ends and links

After two failed department store purchases for a swimsuit for Ella this year, I finally conceded to paying a little extra money and buying this one from Lands End. The perks? This swimsuit comes in a slim size and it's modest. I'm glad we bought it.

I think this is the cutest blanket I've ever laid eyes on. [Click on that link and then scroll all the way down to see the finished product.]

I've been itching to make one of these tea towel aprons ever since Cutzi made some.

Also on my list of things to make:
Randi's laundry sack, for the girls' room.

Little match-y dresses for my girls made from this pattern by Sandi Henderson of Portabellopixie.

But since I don't have time to sew all of those things, I'll bookmark those for a later date and choose something even better to do: nurse and cuddle my sweet nearly four-month old Audra (and kiss those smooshy cheeks again and again!), tickle Adelia and giggle at all of her antics, be silly with my boys and encourage them to do right, and pull Ella into my arms just as often as I can before she gets any bigger.

Oh, I am *thankful* for the joy of being mama to these five. I am trying to cherish these moments; these days.


  1. cute picture of two of your sweet girls!

  2. Great pictures - they look so much like you! I have been buying swimwear from Land's End for years - for the kids and myself. Love it!!

  3. Oh MY...that girly is so cute. I want to scoop her up myself!

    I hear you about cuddling with your big girl before she (before your eyes) gets too big. I have a tall slim girl to snuggle with myself.

    Those tea towel aprons are so cute but I too am focusing on prizing every moment with my little people. The cutie things Eli does, the passionate creative things Isaac gets into and reading and chatting with my ever maturing Journey.

    I'm too busy living to blog :o)Though I did post some pics of my little man cuz he is so cute.

    Love the pic of the two girlies too.

  4. Teri-
    Are you saying I have chubby cheeks?!?! :) *grin*

  5. Cute pics of the girls! And I loved the ones of Adelia at 15 mos, too! I might have to get that dress pattern you mentioned. Of course, I am just learning to sew so we'll see how that pans out. :) Right now I'm alright with straight lines and some easy fixing projects around here... that's about it!

  6. She looks so much like you! She looks a lot like Ella too... beautiful girls, all of you!

  7. The girls are so cute! I am jealous of Audra's little chubby cheeks! How much does she weigh these days?? I hope to see you at Keepers Camp.

  8. I LOVE your pictures AND the way you've decided to spend your days!!

  9. I enjoyed reading your blog tonight....the pictures are greeat.
    Love it when I have time to do blog hopping...I always enjoy finding new blogs!
    This month I am posting on our Disney trip.

  10. What a great way to spend your days.

    I too have sewing dreams...hope to find time one of these days. I still want to make a few more skirts for Randi's Sewing Seeds project-my daughter is taking all the skirts to Costa Rica to give out to the children.

    Drink them in Stacy, they do grow and change so quickly.

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  11. Sooo sweet.!! I love those pictures. That one piece Tugless swimsuit is adorable. I will certainly shop at Lands End to get one for my angel.


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