Hymn study

One of the things we've enjoyed doing for school the past few years is Hymn study. Our church doesn't sing many hymns, and yet we really want our children to know the great hymns of our faith.

This is what we used for our first year, in addition to our hymnal:
Hymns for a Kid's Heart

We also checked in at the Cyber Hymnal site a few times. Yes, the sound is a bit tinny, but it does come in handy if

a) you're not familiar with the hymn- or even part of it, and need to know the tune, or
b) you're not skilled at reading music

Another great resource I purchased was the book Then Sings My Soul, which provides the stories behind several hymns.

Perhaps my favorite season was when it worked with our schedule to join the "Hymn Sing" with some members of our church. Our family would join several elderly members of our congregation who led hymns at a nearby nursing home.

This year, I had the idea to ask my parents and Mark's parents what *their* favorite hymns were, so that we could be sure to learn those. I simply asked my mom one day, and she told me hers and dads, but since Mark's parents live further away, he suggested that Ella write them a letter and ask them what their favorite hymns were, and why it was their favorite.

She did, and a couple of weeks later received a beautiful letter from each of them, telling what their favorite hymn was, and detailing why- verse by verse.

What a treasure! We're adding these hymns to the repertoire for the year, in addition to any others that Mark and I select for our children to learn. And once again, I am so thankful for the legacy of faith in each of our families!


  1. This is so timely...I just went through our hymnal a few days ago and picked about a dozen hymns I want to focus on teaching the kids this year.

    I love the hymns and hope to include some hymn study with our schooling in the future, so I appreciate the resources! For now I'm trying to just be more purposeful about singing to them in bed at night.

    (And seriously...what a treasure those letters are!)

  2. What a sweet thing to have. It's really a good idea.

  3. LOVE those letters! Jodi said it--a treasure indeed.

  4. That is a fabulous idea! Both sides of our family would have favorites. Gonna do this.

  5. We did the ABC Hunt and LOVED it!! Thanks for the great idea. We also sing (that is a stretch of the word) hymns too. I just recently added children's songs and realized I cannot remember very many. I am going to check out your sites you suggested, Thanks!

  6. What a great idea! We'll be sending off some requests to Grandparents TODAY!

  7. I was sad-glad to read your post. Sad to hear that your church doesn't sing many hymns. (Don't think I, personally could survive in a church like that). But I'm glad to hear you're teaching hymns to your children. You will never regret it, nor will they in years to come.

    Your idea of asking family members their favourites is good too. Maybe you could include friends and acquaintances, and make it a really interesting project.

    And here's another idea to think about: What about having the person sign their name in your hymn book, next to their favourite? It would become a very special kind of autograph book. And every time you sang the hymn you'd be reminded of the person and could pray for him or her.

    You mention the Cyber Hymnal. Compiler Dick Adams is doing a wonderful job with it, and I've been a long-time contributor as well. If you have an interest in hymn history, I invite you to check out my own site, Wordwise Hymns. It tells you something that happened in hymn history related to each day of the year.

    God bless you and your family.


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