Tackling this pile today...

...and remembering with fondness the days when I actually folded the clean laundry. Nowadays it seems there are always things more urgent to tend to. [Children, for one.]

Folding laundry is my least favorite chore. Have I mentioned that, once or twice or one hundred times, here on the blog? Yeah. Thought so.

But I conquered my Least Favorite Chore a couple of years ago and have faithfully folded the dreaded piles. (It helps when the kids can fold and help put away, too!)

Ever since I had Audra, though, this is a common sight in our house again. Some of the clothes in the picture above have been on this chair (in our living room!) for weeks. That's right, weeks.

Today, though... I'm working through it.


  1. oh God love ya!

    If I were close, I would come with fun drinks that involved a blender and some great tunes and we would have a folding party! We would shimmy and shake our way through that pile and we would give the kids candy for every pile they put away neatly in it's correct spot!

    That's what I would do if I were close.

    Can I drink and dance for you from afar while I tackle my own, ugh, chores??

  2. We have a chair in our livingroom dedicated to laundry too. It is nice when it is in one place!!! I put up a table in my kitchen for my piles of paperwork now it too, is in one place. Laundry can wait the children won't. Happy folding and satisfaction when it is done!!

  3. Stacey-
    I need a friend like you who lives closer! All of a sudden folding the laundry sounds FUN! :)

    Oh, yes. We've got the paper piles here, too. Ugh.

  4. Reminds me of my pile! I'm not a fan of folding and hanging either...Oh, and dishes...not fond of them either!

  5. Stacy,

    That is hilarious! Ours looks just like that except, our is a laundry COUCH~~~ so just multiply yours times 3 and that is what our living room looks like! :)
    Laundry is NEVER done. I fold it all only to find that three more loads have finished and the stack is high once again!

    Teresa in Memphis

  6. Oh yes, laundry piles abound over here as well. Several months ago I stopped folding the kids' clothes. Now I just sort them and shove them in drawers. I hope that chair stands empty now!

  7. Now I realize that I am not alone. And for this I thank you and send you a hug across the miles. Your chair looks like a couple of overflowing baskets in my basement.

  8. This is why I love you! Your so real!

    The chair with "my" pile is in my bedroom. Laundry is like the never ending monster BUT I love the cute people who wear it I guess I'm stuck :o)

  9. Keep at it, Stacy! You can do it!! (My laundry pile is currently half way folded on our living room couch.)

    It was super fun to see you and your family this weekend!

  10. Way to keep it real Stacy! :) Although I never would have guessed that YOU'd have a laundry pile...somehow the pile never spills over into the photos on your other posts!

  11. Laundry I don't mind so much....I'll trade for the vacuuming and the mopping, though, LOL! :)

  12. I had to comment that I understand the pile of laundry because there are other pressing issues. Also, I actually love folding laundry, but hate putting it away. Oh the irony.


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