At the breakfast table: literally

With every single one of the "School during breakfast" posts, I had hoped to take a picture of us actually at the breakfast table. So, as an addendum to the series, a photo:

See? Our memory box sits right there on the table in front of my chair, ready to go. Our Bible story book and hymn book sit on the floor next to my chair. Our list of Monday school subjects- written the night before- is up on the dry erase board.

Things may look nice and mellow in this photo, but don't be fooled.

What happened a few minutes before this picture was taken is that I was nursing Audra at the table. Then, while still nursing, I tried to cut and butter the muffins for the other kids with my left hand. Oh, and my plan for fresh-out-of-the-oven muffins wasn't to be: by the time we ate them, they were no longer warm. Oh, well. Such is life.

What happened right after this picture was taken is that Adelia, who had last night's dinner on her tray instead of the muffins we were all eating, began wailing about her plight. And the rest of our school-at-the-breakfast-table time was interrupted with her cries followed by my reminders. Twice, I got up and moved her crying self and chair into the living room and reminded her to please eat and that when she was ready to be happy and stop crying she could join us again. She obeyed, finally, and by the time we moved to chore time, her dinner from the previous night was finished and she was able to eat a muffin.

That's us. Keeping it real on a Monday morning. :)

The perk of this particular Monday is that we got an early start. We were eating a little after 8 o'clock! So we were able to finish most of school by 10:30, and then the kids all headed outside to play while Audra finished up her nap and I prepped for dinner.


  1. thanks for keeping it *real* :) it's nice to see a little piece of your daily journey :)

    have a blessed day.

  2. I have happy memories of sitting around that table with you! Nice to see your family there!

  3. Well, it LOOKS calm and peaceful! :)

  4. Nice to know we aren't the only ones having meltdowns at the breakfast table and it's not always the baby :o).

    I love Ella's smile....she looks as sweet as you've shared that she is

  5. What a sweet and precious homeschool you have Stacy. May those mornings around your table bring you joy as you press into the Lord!

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  6. Oh! We do a lot of that lately ... the whole last night's dinner thing reappearing over and over until it's gone! :)

  7. Missy- You, too! (Have a blessed day. Praying for you.)

    Rebeca- Yay! Yes- fun memories. It's getting quite squishy for us at our table.

    Teri- I know. I thought it looked pretty calm, too- which is why you got the real deal. :)

    Yeah. I figured many of you could relate. Kind of the way things are some days...
    And yes, Ella is every bit as sweet as that smile reveals.

    Thank you, sweet friend.

    Ugh. Not my favorite stage, that. But it's so nice when they finally eat what's in front of them! :)

  8. Ahhh...sounds so familiar. We are struggling with a reluctant eater, but oh the joys of proper training! Thanks for the glimpse into your morning. :-)

  9. Loved the glimpse into your mornings after a fun series about breakfast at the table, Stacy!

    And of course I can relate to so much of it- cold muffins, a lone leftover eater and lots of smiles!

  10. Wow! It is amazing how much Audra has grown. What a cutie. This is a fun shot of everyone.


  11. Stacy, I can't tell you how helpful this little series has been!

    It finally got me over the hump with circle time- I've had that e-book for over a year!!! I had our composer and artist all picked out at the beginning of the school year, but was giving us six weeks to get into the routine before incorporating those studies... and you gave such sweet, simple, helpful advice just in time!

    I think of you every morning, while we sit on the floor and G crawls all over me and Eliana flops on her side and has to be reminded to sit up and for goodness' sake take her thumb out of her mouth... and then we pray and sing our school song and begin.

    Thank you, friend Stacy. xo

  12. Kristin,
    The reluctant eater. Good term, that. :) It's tough, but also rewarding when they figure it out!

    Rebecca M,
    Thanks, Rebecca! :)

    Hey! I know it. Isn't she SO big already!??! ~sob~

    Oh, Elise,
    Thank you for saying so. You made my day! [And I think of you every day, too- because we've been singing your school song each morning!]

    Blessings to each and every one of you...


  13. I too love the picture. And the part about interruptions made me feel not so alone in that struggle.

  14. Now that's the kind of practical examples I appreciate. Thanks for that!!


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