Birthday surprises

One of the many cute things about my Ella girl is that she loves Little House on the Prairie and all things prairie-ish. I said to Mark the other night, "How blessed am I that my daughter loves Little House as much as I do?!"

Ella regularly wears her bonnet with her hair in braids. She also wears dresses almost every day. Notice I didn't say "a dress". She wears dresses. Sometimes three of them. All at once. Sometimes three of them plus capris or pants underneath. Or a skirt. In addition to the three dresses. Her response when I've asked about all the garments? "Those are my petticoats, mommy."

Her birthday is coming up in a few weeks and she has repeatedly told me that she wants a nightcap. That's all she wants. She has a white nightgown (which was her birthday gift last year), and now she'd like a nightcap to go with it. Just like Laura and Mary Ingalls wore.

So I decided to make one. And I decided to sweeten the gift a little and make her a petticoat. I haven't begun the petticoat yet but I did try my hand at the nightcap.

I have no pattern and took no measurements of her head (because she'd know something was up) so I guessed.

I guessed too small. And I am positive it won't fit Ella because it fits this girl quite nicely:

Not that she'll ever be wearing it. The only reason she wasn't pulling it off her head for this picture was because I bribed her with my latte cup.

I tried it on Adelia, too:

but it doesn't quite fit over her hair.

Oh well. We'll hang onto it in case Ella wants to try it on one of her dolls.

In the meantime, I'm making a bigger nightcap and still planning out my petticoat strategy.


  1. I will not be settled until I see a photo of it on YOU!!!!

    Come on, be a sport!!


  2. Very cute nightcap, sorry that it didn't fit! :(

    How do you (and Ella) like the VF nightgown? I've thought about it but not sure if my girls would like it or not.

  3. She is so sweet.

    And to have a mom that can sew...every girls dream.

    Can Journey have one too? :o)

  4. Michelle~ Um. No. I will not be posing with the nightcap on. Silly.

    NeedANap2~ We LOVE the VF nightgown!

    Sandi~ She is. Sweet. I *wish* I had time to make more!

  5. Well, that just brings back memories of Laura and Mary in their nightcaps, telling Pa that they were too sick to go to Sunday School. Laura said that they had "Laran GEE tis," and Mary quickly ammended "LaRANgatis." But of course that was from the TV series not the book. Ella is a girl after my own heart. I used to dress up as Laura all the time! My mom and I would read the books at bedtime. Wonderful memories!!

  6. You might have nightcaps for everyone by the time you are done! That would be a cute picture! Good luck!

  7. I wish that I could dig up the picture of ME wearing one of those when I was 3 or 4.


  8. She wants a nightcap and nothing else...that just couldn't be more endearing! Your little girls look adorable in your first try at a nightcap, and I'm so impressed you can just whip stuff out like that. :)

  9. I remember when I had a night cap and matching gown I LOVED it! Oh I really need to learn to sew the things you make are darling!

  10. Hi Stacy :) I am so glad to read this precious post (can't wait to hear how it all turns out).

    M is planning and planning for what she can do for E's bday. I'll pass the Little House love on to M and see what she can come up with. Love you! Q

  11. Adelia sure loves her coffee. :)

    Super cute hats. How great that you can be creative and make things for your kids. A gift of which I am in awe.

  12. My daughter LOVES Little House on the Prairie. She has a doll she named Laura, a dog named Jack, and her horse named Bunny! How did you make the night cap? She would absolutely love that!!!!



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