Celebrating adoption

A year ago we went from being Adelia's foster parents to being her adoptive parents!

I am struck all over again how wonderful our God is: He is a Father to the fatherless and He longs to set the orphans in families.

We're so glad we got this one! :)

(Her baby sister? Also glad. Even if she gets her tummy squeezed sometimes!)

When I think of the situation Adelia was born into, and what her life could have been... it is SO evident that God plucked her from darkness and rescued her.

How I love God! His ways are good.


  1. Celebrating and rejoicing with you. God is amazingly good and we are amazingly supernaturally blessed sister.

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  2. Hi Stacy :) What a joy to read! Amazing that it has been a year but seems like she has always been a part of your family. Give her a kiss on that sweetie head for us. Love you, Q

  3. Thanking God with you for this very special gift!

  4. Stacy ... you and your family are just amazing. I'm so glad that God brought Adelia into your home and hearts.

  5. Yes, His ways are SO good. What a beautiful family!!

  6. Yea! So happy about this. So thankful for God's good gifts!


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