Geopuzzles are a favorite in our home. Costco has these right now for $9.79 apiece. That's a whole $3.00 less than the regular price, for those of you who are interested!

There are five Geopuzzles that I'm aware of:

Africa & the Middle East
USA & Canada
Latin America

We've now added two more to our collection (thank you, Costco) and have the entire set!


  1. Oooo.... thanks for tip! We haven't used these before but we have a US puzzle and Steele loves putting it together. I can't believe how many states he has learned from it!

  2. I just followed one of your comments from another blog and ended up enjoying your breakfast video :-) .... love mornings like this at my friend's house!

    I like geopuzzles, too but boy can they be hard. I tried to put a huge one together and started hiding the box (so that I do not just copy it) and then I started sorting the pieces to the parts of the Earth that I thought they belong too... oh dear. I will have to do some more practising for sure. I got it together finally but there was a lot of errors in the beginning.


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