1159 the scent of lilacs from my bedside table, freshly cut from the yard this morning.

1160 getting the back yard mowed (grass just looks so much more inviting all newly mowed!)

1161 first load of laundry hanging on the clothesline to dry today, which had the kids literally jumping about with delight, saying, "It's summer, then?"

1162 the warmth of the sunshine and big, fluffy white clouds moving across the sky.

1163 sitting on the back steps with Isaac, listening to him read to me from a BOB book, and smiling over his delight over the pictures and story.

1164 sitting on a blanket on the grass with my Audra-girl... enjoying the sunshine and my little one's enthusiastic "mah-mee!" as she climbs all over me.

1165 finding Adelia's purple dress-up shoes and purple Dora watch on my bed this afternoon and wondering when she was in here, depositing those treasures?

1166 remembering Audra's delight when she stood by Mark's side of the bed this morning, pulled on a crinkly bag, and a whole bunch of jelly belly's tumbled onto the floor! and how fast she crammed her fists and mouth full. when Adelia (from atop the bed) asked for some, Audra wagged her little head no and clenched her fist tighter. to which Adelia promptly reached over, pried her fingers open, and plucked one free- popping it in her mouth, declaring: "Got it. Mmm!"

1167 Ella and Audra, sitting on the couch today reading books together, Audra giggling over Ella's antics.

1168 the satisfaction of coming in from the yard to a still-tidy living room. (One of the great joys of warmer weather: the inside of the house stays cleaner!)

holy experience


  1. So many lovely moments and glad you are capturing them!

  2. Is this the first time you've done one of these posts? These were great! I just love sunny weather in the spring time. :) I've been really considering jumping on board with Ann's 1000 gifts postings. I really need to intentionally practice thankfulness in the little things. :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Jodi~ Back in 2006 I participated in Ann's 1000 Gifts, here on the blog and in my journal. About six months ago I began adding to that initial list of 1000, but only in my journal. This here's the first post of the "new" list. :)

  4. What a great list! I've been thinking of doing this too, I've heard it's life changing...I could use a little life change.

    So true, about the house staying tidy longer...when we're all outside digging in the sandbox, and not inside scattering legos :)

  5. what a cool idea! love the little things you can appreciate throughout the day when you take the time. :)

    and the house DEFINITELY stays cleaner when the kids can be outside more!

  6. LOVED reading this as I love each peek into your household! And that's why my house has stayed tidy longer for the last couple of weeks! Yay for warm weather :-)


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