A someday trip and a link

One of Mark's favorite memories as a child is the summer his parents took him and his five siblings in an RV and made their way around the United States. I think his oldest sister was actually in college, and he and his older brother in high school. And his other three brothers not far behind. And if there's one thing Mark's family is known for (amongst other wonderful qualities), it's their height. These are big boys we are talking about. Mark now stands 6'6" and he's not the tallest son in the family. So the thought of all of them crammed into a fairly small RV truly makes me laugh. The stories those guys will tell- just about their sleeping arrangements!- when you get them together is enough to make your sides ache.

Anyway- the trip. We so plan to copy that, someday, Lord willing. There are all sorts of historical places we want to see, of course. I know we'll go to Pittsburgh, too- to visit a certain stadium during football season. I keep adding churches to my mental list, too, to hear this or that pastor preach.

I mean, how cool would it be to drop in at Times Square Church and hear David Wilkerson preach?

Another church I want to visit sits in Alabama. I really want to hear David Platt speak. In the meantime we just listen to his sermons, which are all available for free on iTunes. (Otherwise, I think they are available here.)

Anyway, if you have fostered or adopted or just want to listen to a good sermon: you will likely be interested in this message I recently listened to.

So, here's a question: if you could hear any one pastor preach, who would it be?

[Thank you, Sarah E... for passing on the link to this particular sermon!]


  1. We feel so blessed each week because honestly, out of all the pastors I have ever heard preach, I enjoy and learn the most from our own Pastor Bert. He is phenomenal and is one of the main reasons we attend the church we do.

    I also feel very blessed that I am near enough to get to hear Mark Driscoll teach - we usually go with my sister and brother-in-law when we're visiting them. He's usually spot-on.

    They were the first two that came to mind - not too far away!

    And I too have been dreaming of a road trip around the country lately. So much fun!

  2. I'd have to vote for the Apostle Paul or St. John Chrysostom... a little time travel would be necessary for either, I'm afraid. That, and I'd love to hear my spiritual father preach again; he's now at a church in California. His messages were always short, simple, and challenging.
    I would LOVE to do an RV trip like you describe... someday.
    Have a great day!

  3. an RV trip sounds amazing. How nice to have everything at a hands reach.

    and man, your husband is TALL! 6'6" I bet attracts attention. My son is only 6' and people constantly mention how tall he is, but he's got a half a foot to reach your husband!

    preacher? hmmmm....I never saw Billy Graham in person. I deeply regret that now, as he was very gifted and sincere.

  4. We want to take a trip like that too! We've been talking about it since before the kids were born. In fact, just last week Jace and I were trying to pencil out how many years it will be until he'll be getting enough vacation time to actually pull it off. I love hearing about what a favorite memory it is for Mark's family. :) Fun!

  5. Sounds like FUN Stacy!! ;) Let me know when you end up in Pittsburgh and Kevin can get you some tickets. He doesn't go to every game...he always leaves out 2 games or so a season.

  6. I am excited for you guys to do this trip someday! How fun.

    You know that Mike, Helen and Denise took a trip to the four corners of the US in a Euro-van. He feels that was a great experience too. Albeit quite different.
    We talk often of doing something similar also.

    I love thinking of Mark being able to take his family to an actual Steelers game on their home turf. That makes me happy to think about!

  7. We are taking a road trip this summer and I am so excited! I love seeing new things. I am praying that we get to hear voddie Baucham, He is amazing. A very large man with a HUGE message! Our trips are always interesting and although we are not doing the whole US we are plannning on seeing all we can!

  8. Oh boy, am I ever excited to take this trip. I really don't know how we fit it all into one summer break. There's so much to see and do. Historical places, famous landmarks, natural wonders, the Steelers, people to see...
    It's going to take a few trips to cover it all.

    As for which pastor I'd like to hear preach... I'd like to hear an array. That's something I wish we'd done more of on my family's trip. I remember going to some native American church in the southwest, but otherwise nothing really stands out in my memory. Likely because we never went to the South.

    Anyways... which pastor? Sure, David Platt and Wilkerson. And we'd have to hear John Piper as we go through Minnesota.

  9. We want to RV some day too. We dream sometimes of disappearing for 4-6 months and just going on the road. We would homeschool on the road and just have fun. Maybe one day.

    Our church hosted John Piper just this past Sunday. I was in the nursery but go to hear the message later :o)

  10. Matt Chandler for sure. John Piper is a favorite too...
    Thanks for the info on the GEO Puzzles!

  11. You are most welcome for the link!! I don't care for Alabama all that much but if God would for some reason move us there I hope it would near David Platt's church!!

  12. So I would be really interested to hear Ravi Zacharias speak in person and I also love Beth Moore. It's like she's my girlfriend even though I don't know her personally. Do they count as preachers?

    As far as the RV trip - I totally love RVing! We have had a ton of fun with our RV (even though it's in storage for now), and I would definitely recommend the kind you can drive for trips with little ones. Much more convenient for bathroom and food needs... and it would be even more fun with you guys since some of your kiddos are a little older and can help out/amuse themselves for longer periods of time! :)


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