Grateful: Monday, May 3

holy experience

1171 | Our Friday-morning tradition of pancakes

1177 | The soft, fine, reddish-hued hair on Audra's head.

1179 | The way Audra, while nursing, will move my hand to her head (so that I'll play with her hair) or my hand to her leg (so that I'll rub it).

1181 | Isaac's "I'm glad you're my mommy" this morning, as he tucked himself into my lap.

1185 | Early morning walks with my mom.

1187 | The fact that when Audra comes in from outside, her clothes and hands are just as dirty/wet as the older kids'.

1188 | May Day flowers from Mark... a bunch for each of his girls. And the way he rang the doorbell and ran around the corner of the house to hide so that when we opened the door, we were met with a box of cheery flowers with Happy May Day notes attached.

1189 | Mark's willingness to help me correct Ella's Math workbook last night, and...

1190 | ...Ella's subsequent delight in finding daddy's corrections (and silly pictures!) throughout her book.


  1. I was just thinking about you as I logged into google reader. Wanted to let you know :o)

    I love red soft fine hair too.

  2. So very sweet, Thank you for keeping things in perspective.

  3. This is such a fun, heartwarming list. Even though I live in the household where all these wonderful things happen, I don't stop enough to recount and revel in them. Thanks for writing them down. And thanks for reminding me again, how blessed I am.

    Loving you,


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