Grateful: Monday, May 17

1207 | our garden planted this weekend: sunflowers, snap peas, carrots, basil, and all sorts of varieties of lettuces

1208 | beautiful sunshine, all weekend long, and happy children in it

1209 | Audra, who loves to be outside

1210 | this moment with Adelia, who walked along our sidewalk, pressed her nose into several tulips and happily exclaimed over each one

holy experience


  1. Oh how much to be thankful for!!

  2. precious! sweet pictures to capture the sweet moments ...
    (love your blog!)

  3. Ella, sweet girl, you are getting so tall! I love these pics....just wish I was there to see it all in person....Get your calendar out, would ya'? Let's just meet at Starbucks for an hour!

    love you.
    miss you.


  4. Beautiful! Beautiful pictures, garden and family. So glad you were able to do this. You guys are so much better than me at gardening (and blogging and taking pictures)! Great job you guys!


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