More travel ideas

Thank you for the travel/snack ideas! I'm definitely going to use some of them!

I've been working on the coloring books and having all sorts of fun. The doll pattern is Sarah's from The Small Object, so I can take no credit for it. You can find it here. I've just added hair, bows and outfits to her original pattern. I'm so grateful to have found Ginny's post at Small Things~ for the coloring book idea, and for the idea for the scaled-down version of the doll in order to create your own doll.

I think Ella is going to love this. And if she doesn't, I will be happy to take over. ;)

I also put together a Travel Scavenger Hunt for the kids to do. I'm going to sew the pages into little books, similar to the doll books above.

Still to do:

>Mark is going to print out some pages of small, blank football helmets for the boys, which I will then sew into a book for them, so that they can work on filling in team logos on the helmets while Ella works on her dolls.

>I'm going to make a little Word Game book for Ella to do. With word games like this one: I'll write "The Oregon Coast" (or some other such phrase/set of words) at the top of the page and then Ella can think up as many smaller words that come from that set of letters. I used to love that game when I was younger.

>I'm also going to make several blank books for the kids to color in/create their own games.

Oh! Here's a great link I found yesterday for Classic Road-Trip Games.


  1. Next time we go on a vacation I will definitely be coming back to all of your ideas! Thank you!

  2. Oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please may I please have copies??? Please?

  3. I love traveling in the car with kids, too! I will definitely be stealing some of your ideas for our late-summer trip to visit family! :)

  4. This is a great idea! I am going to have to do that!


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