A Letter for Wednesday

Tonia has started writing letters in lieu of posts on her blog, and I love that idea. It so encompasses what I want to do~ tell about our days/lives, and not have to think of a "Title" or a Topic. I told her I was going to copy her idea and I meant it.

So, here goes:

I'm sitting on my bed~ which is where I spend all of my quiet times, when I get them. My Bible is near, and my journal, and a Beth Moore Bible Study. And a bag of chocolates. Yes, a bag. Hershey's Bliss~ "smooth and creamy milk chocolate". Mmm. A cup of milk sits beside me.

Audra is sleeping (thank you, Jesus. Have I mentioned she is our WORST sleeper yet?) Adelia is sleeping. Both of the boys are playing LEGOS, but in separate rooms. Ella is working on her math and then was going to color or paint, I think.

It's been a rough morning. Chores that should have taken my son about 20 minutes to accomplish took three hours . And he still wasn't done. And much of what he did was done incompletely. These are chores he does every single day. Chores I know he knows how to do. I wrestled with myself all morning about it. Do I just let it go? Take the approach: "If he wants to take all.day.long to do his chores, so be it?" But I want him to learn to be a hard worker, to apply himself and focus. He spends a lot of his chore time standing around, and that irks me. Or he pretends he doesn't know what to do or where something goes, which makes me mad. Because I know he knows. Anyway~ all of that resulted in me yelling at him and then calling Mark on the phone in tears. He came home shortly afterwards and made things all better. Really. Isaias is so much more responsive to him than he is to me. He rarely tries to manipulate Mark or push his buttons.

Let's see.. on to brighter topics!

The weather has been beautiful lately. Blue skies and warm sunshine. Ahh. It makes me thankful we're in the home stretch for school, because I find myself shortening lessons and skipping things just so that the kids can get outside to enjoy it.

In two weeks time we'll be on vacation~ on the beach. I can't wait. It's been a LONG time since we've taken a family vacation and it will be good for us. Something else I'm dreaming about, too~ when Audra is weaned~ and that is going.away.with.just.Mark (!) for a few days... somewhere. The problem we always have when Mark and I try to decide where to go away is that I like hot sunny beaches and he likes shady woods. :) (Silly man.) There's really no happy medium.

We're going to plant the garden this weekend. Last year was sort of a wash for us. This year we're going simple~ just lettuces and some herbs, maybe, and snap peas. Maybe cucumbers. Nothing that will require canning/freezing, because I just don't have it in me. I know my limitations.

Well. I'm going to get off this computer and pick up my Bible, now.

Hope you're all having a wonderful day!


  1. It was fun to read your letter - I hope you have beautiful weather at the beach, sounds like such fun!

  2. wonderful!!

    aren't you just so excited to start seeing some sunshine and fair weather around here? the beach sounds perfect (although i prefer the woods, myself. hee) and getting away with your man soon....yes!!

    hang in there!

    we're doing simple garden this year too. i've decided i'm not Ma Ingalls no matter how much i want to be. sigh.

    love to you!

  3. Stacy,
    I lvoed getting your letter. It sounds like things are BUSY (as always) at your house. You need a vacation at what we call "the sun-shade interface" (as my husband is a sunny man, and I like woods.) I hope you find the perfect place, and then tell me where it is. =)


  4. I read Tonia's letter idea too and thought it was a great idea. I enjoyed reading your letter.

    Just wanted to give you big cyber "hug" related to your little mans struggles. I hear ya and it can be so trying at times.

    I love what Tonia said about being Ma Ingalls...I need to let my big garden go too. I have planted my toms, cucs, zucs and corn. Probably some carrots and then I'm done. I'm finding it better to be happy and enjoyable(not military mom) then to get more done.


  5. It's Sunday morning and I've just now read this. I love getting a letter from you! :)

    How funny that we both made garden declarations this year!

    I am so excited for your vacation.

    Love you!

  6. I really liked reading this. I really did almost feel like a letter. I like the freedom this form brings to your writing. And you are such a great writer.

    Loving you,


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