Summer favorites

I'm interrupting my break to give you some of Ella's favorite picks from her summer reading list, as a follow up to this post, and just in case your girls are desperate for some reading material before school starts back up again. :)

Baby Island (Ella loved this book, which is really fun, because I remember being equally enamored with this book when I was a young girl!)
The Year of Miss Agnes

We own Sydney Taylor's gem All-of-a-Kind Family, but this summer we discovered some other books in the series:
All of a Kind Family Downtown
More All-Of-A-Kind Family
and All-of-a-Kind Family Uptown.

Are you familiar yet with the Sisters In Time series? Ella previously read Sarah's New World: The Mayflower Adventure (1620), but this summer she also read:
Grace and the Bully: Drought on the Frontier (1819)
Rebekah in Danger: Peril at Plymouth Colony (1621)
Emma's Secret: The Cincinnati Epidemic (1832)
and Maggie's Dare: The Great Awakening (1744).

Another great series for girls is the Daughters of the Faith series. Last year we purchased two of these books for Ella (Almost Home and The Tinker's Daughter, which is the story of Mary Bunyan (daughter of John Bunyan, author of Pilgrim's Progress.)

This summer she read these books from that same series:
Shadow of His Hand
Ransom's Mark
Courage to Run
and The Captive Princess

I read one of the above books, too. I asked Ella to choose her favorite from the Daughters of the Faith series so that I could read it, and she chose Ransom's Mark, so I can vouch for the quality of this particular book, and all of the books in the series are written by the same author (Wendy Lawton).


  1. So funny. I've been "pressing" Connor to read Baby Island. He hates it. I emailed Elise for a BOY List. He's so thankful :)

    Korinne, my 10 yr old absolutely loved it though.

    Great List!

  2. Thanks for sharing! On your last post I had meant to ask if Ella had read Baby Island. Such a fun book for girls!

  3. Thanks for the list!! My daughter will love the books I'm sure!! Hope your having a great break! But hurry back, I miss your posts! :)

    Kara, NY

  4. Great reading Ella! Bookmarking this for later for Ava. She will be so thankful for you walking the road first for her (and so will I!).

  5. What a fun summer of reading Ella has been having!

    I can't wait for Mercy to enjoy these titles... and Baby Island?

    I haven't read this yet myself.

    It's going right onto my library holds list!

  6. We loved The Year of Miss Agnes this year. Also read Almost Home. Your list encouraged me to check out more of Wendy Lawton's books. Thank you! Right now, my oldest and I are reading The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis, which he has read before and I have not, so that has been fun!

  7. Guess where Wendy Lawton lives? :)

  8. Don't tell me she's your next-door neighbor?

  9. Thanks for all the good recommends Stacy. I might be adding a few of these to Journey's reading list.


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