These are powerful words about friendship. Please read them.

Ann's words reminded me all over again about the power of word and deed when relating to women.

It made me grateful for the wonderful women God has woven into my life, and it made me want to treasure them, and to exhibit the same kind of love and faithfulness that Ann's friend showed to her when she made her that promise of friendship.


  1. And you, sweet friend, are THAT kind of sister.
    And I am blessed.
    And I pray that someday you will have the slightest inkling of what your friendship has meant in the past week...
    And how your words have soothed. And how His words, the ones you have sent me, have healed. And how knowing that you are on your knees for me has strengthened.

    That God would bless me with your friendship is a mystery to me.


  2. This really impacted me too.

    It's where I want to focus my blog reading from now on in the building up realm only.

    Also makes me think of my IRL friends who have stuck through thick and thin...though few they are treasures!

    Miss your voice friend, September is around the corner :o)


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