Homeschooling TO-DO list

My homeschooling to-do list a couple of months ago looked like this:

-to BUY: nature notebooks, slate/chalk for cursive practice, ABC letters for the boys?

-copywork selections (Bible, poetry, literature, hymns? history?)
-narration plan
-theme verse/passage memory cards
-select picture study artists/paintings
-new memory verses
-prepare timeline cards
-pairing-up plan for older kids/little girls?
-gratitude/thankfulness family plan: each mealtime? around the table, one thing? three?
-nature study ideas?
-classical musicians?
-daily school checklist/schedule
-cursive plan?
-poetry selections?
-Isaias-K work? (*continue Super Star speech)
-Isaac- 1st grade work?
-math lesson plan (daily)
-english lesson plan (2x/week)
As to-do lists always do, this one grew to about three times this size, as I broke down general items into more specific items and added those on there, too.

I've had snippets of time with which to plan for this coming year, and Mark is taking a day off this week for me to finish up. Finishing up in one day would be a miracle, since the big ones, and the not-so-fun ones, in my opinion (Math lesson plan and English lesson plan) are still sitting on that list. But that's okay! I'll get done what I am able to get done and we'll roll with it. :) I imagine we're going to have several kinks to work out of my "schedule" in the first couple of weeks (months!) anyway, with two very busy toddlers in the mix!

We start school next week and I'm going to kick off September by filling you in on all the new things we're doing, so stay tuned.


  1. Wow, good work you!

    I pray that God gives you all you need to accomplish the important things & the wisdom to forget the unimportant ones. Enjoy your prep day!

  2. How do you go about picking your theme verse? what have you used in the past? any tips? I think I want to do this for our family this year.

    Look forward to hearing what your family has been up too!

    Chantel M

  3. Amy~
    Thank you, friend.

    Hi Chantel!
    We've never officially had a theme before. A couple of years ago I added a verse to our normal memory work (Proverbs 5:1) because I felt like the kids weren't paying attention/listening well when I spoke to them. We all memorized it and tried to apply it and it sort of morphed into our theme verse.

    I'll talk more about our new theme verse in my next post, but I came up with it after prayer and consideration of what area we're all lacking in.

    Blessings to you and yours...


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