Christmas Picture Books

Each year when we bring out the Christmas decorations, there is one box in particular that we are all *most* anxious to open: our box of Christmas picture books.

These books are held in a basket by our fireplace and we delight in the pages of these well-loved books throughout the month of December. Each December we also purchase a new Christmas book, write the year inside the front cover, and add it to the basket.

Here are just a few of our favorites:

Good King Wenceslas
I love this book. The illustrations are truly beautiful, and the words of the familiar carol stand as the text. From his castle window, Good King Wenceslas views a poor man gathering kindling for a fire, and makes preparations to bless the man out of his own wealth. Oh, how I love this book! It makes me a little tearful every time we read it. This is one of my personal favorites.

The Gift of the Magi
This book adorned the coffee table of a childhood friend of mine at Christmastime, and I caught glimpses of the pages but was never able to read the whole story or see each illustration. Fast-forward several years, and I bought us a copy and it is probably my favorite book. I don't think any Christmas collection can be complete without this book. I love this story of a poor husband and wife~ each sacrificing for the other in order to buy their beloved a gift for Christmas.

Christmas Day in the Morning
This was Mark's choice of a book two years ago and it is a treasure. It is the story of a boy who decides to surprise his father, a farmer, with a unique Christmas gift. Our children love to see this story unfold from page to page.

A Small Miracle
When I asked the kids- in the middle of summer- which Christmas books they remembered and liked best from our collection, this is the one book they all remembered and wanted to describe to me all over again! In this story, the figures from the nativity set of a local church come to life and assist a poor older woman. They see her impoverished state- no food, no money, no warmth- and while she sleeps, they work to ready her home for Christmas morning. The whole idea sounds a little odd, I realize- but it truly is a captivating story. The pages of this book are illustrations only, and my children are enchanted by every single picture.

* * *

What is the Christmas book your family most enjoys throughout this season?


  1. Yay for Christmas books! We have a basket of books on our fireplace right now too, and when we put our decorations out we save those books for very last because they are our favorites as well!

    This year I bought The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree by Gloria Houston, Snow by Cynthia Rylant, and Merry Christmas Big Hungry Bear by Don & Audrey Wood. :)

  2. I'm going to put a few of these on hold at the library. Thank you for the new suggestions. :-)

    (I've written about some of our favorite Christmas books on my blog recently.)

  3. We do this too... it's so special to revisit our favorites and see the delight the kids have in rediscovering the stories. A few we love- Great Joy, An Orange for Frankie, The Legend of the Pointsettia, A Baker's Dozen, One Wintry Night... the list could go on. :> Enjoy the season!

  4. Such a great idea to add a new book each year. I love traditions like that. I can't find our Christmas book box...a bit bummed about that. Haven't seen it since we moved.

  5. The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey (by Susan Wojciechowski)is my new favorite-- a wonderful, touching story. My kids' favorite is Mr. Willoughby's Christmas Tree by Robert Barry-- it's whismical and so fun. Thanks for your recommendations!

  6. Jodi~
    I've checked out The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree several times, and the others are going on my library hold list ASAP! :)

    You're welcome! (I think I read that post! If I remember correctly, you had Mortimer's Christmas Manger on there, and that's *also* in our basket!)

    Great Joy is one I was tempted by a couple of years ago. I often check out An Orange for Frankie and it's on my "to get someday" list, we have One Wintry Night in our basket, too, and the others I'm going to check out at our library! Thanks, Rebeca!

    MAJOR BUMMER about your Christmas book box. :(

    I love The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey! That's in our basket, too- (I was just too lazy to add another link/photo! ;) My library doesn't have your kids' favorite; I've already checked. :(


  7. What a great idea! I should start boxing up our holiday books too. I am still a fan of The Night Before Christmas - but from the looks of it I am missing out on a few other great books!

  8. We're really loving The Night Before Christmas (illustrations by Jan Brett) this year.

  9. Our family had a much-treasured collecton of Christmas books, just like the ones you describe. We moved to live in Turkey this year, and of all the things to go missing in the move, it's my books. I can't tell you how much we're missing them. Our favourite was Gift of the Magi - a lovely copy my now-husband gave me when we were first engaged. And Miracle of Johnathon Twoomey has been loved by all four children. Oh if only wishing could bring them back... I keep praying for a miracle, but here in Turkey, the truth is, just knowing Jesus came is a big privilege. I need to keep it in perspective :) Thanks for you post. Slowly, I may start collecting again - maybe starting with a few ideas from your list! Merry Christmas, love, Anya xo


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