The Slumber Party

We added a new Christmas tradition this year: The Slumber Party.

We drug our mattress into the living room, along with Ella's twin-sized mattress and a toddler-sized mattress, and used the couches for two more beds, and had a big family slumber party by the Christmas tree!

Once everyone was all tucked in, Mark began the nightly read-aloud~ which is a book about King Arthur. Here's what he read: "But when Arthur beheld what his father did, he cried aloud like one in a great measure of pain; and he said 'Pajama Ride!'" (which isn't, of course, actually what Arthur said, but the kids were thrilled and shrieked and scurried to get their shoes and get out the door.) We drove to Dairy Queen, and then through town to see the Christmas lights.

Then we came back home to our living room full of mattresses and blankets, and settled in to sleep-- which eventually we all did. :)

Here are the final two sleepers at about 8:00 the following morning. Cute girls.

so thankful for the memories we made and the fun we had as a family! My favorite quote of the night was Ella saying, "Adelia: please stop licking my hand. That's gross." And her cheerful: "I sure have a wiggly bed-partner!" And she did-- Adelia was very squirmy and very noisy! Isaac was so thrilled to discover that the light coming through the blinds (from a neighbors porch) that shone onto his arms made stripes, so he stretched his arms out in front of him and gazed at them, all delighted to be a stripey boy. :) Audra snuggled up next to Mark and he scratched her back until she fell asleep. Isaias loved his spot on the couch, closest to the tree and closest to the window so that he could peer out of it when he wanted to.

The kids all loved the slumber party and are already talking about next year... :)


  1. Great idea!! Your kids will grow up with fantastic childhood memories!!


  2. I love this! The ice cream, the lights, and the surprises!
    Good work, Stacy and Mark! Your kids will remember this forever.
    rebecca m :)

  3. I love you guys...and all your great ideas!
    The licking conversation sounds all to familiar :o)

  4. we also do this every year and started when the kids were little. although now that the kids are older, dan and i sneak away to our own bed once the kids all fall asleep!

  5. Traditions!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea! I love them, year in and year out it builds that safe warm feeling in their hearts. It is the belonging... the pride of this is what our family is about!!! I love it! These are the days and you and Mark are awesome!Thanks for sharing!


  6. That's such a fun tradition! We always have a slumber party on Christmas night. After the hubbub of the day it's such a fun thing to do. The kids love to fall asleep to the lights of the tree. I love hearing them talk and giggle together.


  7. LOVE this! So fun. We'll have to try this next year. And I love how Mark announced the pajama ride. Fun fun. :)


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