Plans for a New Year

{from the archives: Ella and I, waiting at the window for daddy to come home for lunch}

I usually take the month of December off from the blog. This year I didn't, but only because I had plans to take January off instead.

I'm looking forward to a month of no internet- with the exception of checking email. I truly am excited about it, and the timing of it feels perfect as I head into the new year.

I have plans to pull out a blank journal, update and print out a new prayer list, adhere it to the front page of that new journal, and get back into the habit of referring to that prayer list.

I'm still mulling over whether or not I should try-- again-- to do a read-through-the-Bible-in-a-year plan. If I do, I want to print that out, too, laminate it (which, in my world, means cover it with clear contact paper), and attach it to my journal.

And then I want to spend time praying and writing in that journal. I plan to do some reflecting on each of our kids~ on their strengths and weaknesses and how I can intentionally encourage them in this next season. I want to be purposeful about entering into this new year: What are the areas of my life that God would like to see growth in? How can I best love God, Mark, and the kids? Family and friends? I don't ever formally make New Years resolutions, but I do usually make a list in my journal of things I'd like to do in the coming year, more like reminders to myself. (Not as in "go here and do this" types of things, but things like: laugh more... play more games with the kids... listen. really pay attention, when the kids speak to me... be faithful to put down what you're doing and greet Mark when he comes home from work... things like that.)

Oh! I'm also intrigued by these recent posts about prayerfully choosing a theme for the year. I love that idea.

I also really like this idea of a perpetual calendar (you'll have to read the description to get the idea), and clearly I would make my own with index cards and a box or basket, but- the idea would be to record things the kids have said that day or add snippets of what we've done during our days... but I don't know that I'll ever actually do it. (Hmm... I'm now thinking that maybe I could somehow incorporate that idea into my existing journal~ I could just have scraps of a certain color paper at the ready-- or, easier yet!-- a certain colored pen handy, and when I sit down to journal I could jot down a snippet from our day, something one of the kids did or said... Then, when I look back through my journal, everything in that color would represent my "perpetual calendar". Why, thank you for letting me "think out loud", there. :))

Seems like all of the above-listed things may take more than a month to accomplish (!), but we'll see.

Many blessings to each of *you* as you enter into this new year God has given! If you want to reach me, I'll still be checking email and would be happy to hear from you.



  1. Oh my! Look how cute you two are in that picture!

    I have been thinking of taking a little blogging break too. All the blogging that I have been doing lately has really sapped my creative energy. ;)

    Seriously, I hope that your internet free month is all that you need it to be. I will miss your posts. Even though I have gotten into the habit of commenting pretty much never, I always read and enjoy what you have to write. I look forward to more good stuff in February!

  2. Amy~
    HA! Your comment *totally* made me laugh! :) Sapped your creative energy, all that blogging. You're funny. Love you, friend.

  3. What a great picture! I looove the beginning of a new year. Thank you for the inspiration. :) And ENJOY your internet break!

  4. Thank you for the tips for planning the new year! I have been doing a little planning too. We got a new Bible (Poverty and Justice edition) and am reading through it this year. January has such a fresh feel to it...wondering how the new year will really be...Blessings to you and your family!

  5. My how time flies!!

    Enjoy your new year and the ones God has blessed you with. Time does go by too fast.

    I am reading (with my Knight) the Bible Chronologically. I've printed out, but didn't laminate the days and a week overview. I am excited, as I haven't ever read through this way before. Looking forward to it, last night I began and found myself just weeping for all the new things God was already speaking to me from the 3 short chapters in Genesis. I then read the next days worth, as it was too good to stop, though my eyes tried to fail several times, I kept propping myself back up, blinking hard to wipe away the sleep and pressed in to hear my Father's sweet voice within those Genesis pages!!

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

  6. Have a great month off.
    I am working through the level at which I need to plan our lives and where I just need to let it come as it may. This hyper plannner personality of mine is learning to be more at rest in the midst of all these things.

    Love to you and glad your still checking email

  7. Just checking in to see if you settled on a "theme" for your year.....whatever it is, I am sure it will be very HOT!! lol!!
    you inspire.


  8. My word for the year is 'togetherness'. It's really important as my kids all reach those teen years. Even homeschooled kids can get stretched thin.

    and that picture is too cute. You both look super excited!!!

  9. Feelin a bit of `withdrawl here!

    Glad Feb. is around the corner :o)


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