Happy February!

"We cannot do a thousand things to the glory of God. Do a couple of things and do them with everything you've got." ~Beth Moore

I stumbled across that quote recently, and I think there is so much wisdom wrapped up in that statement. That's what I want; how I want to live: to focus my attention on a couple of things and then do them with everything I've got.

I know what- or rather,
who- those "things" are: Mark and my children. I want to be a loving, affirming, supportive, honoring, prayerful, life-giving wife to my husband, and take every opportunity God provides to bless this man He's given to me.

And these precious five children God has entrusted to us... what a great privilege it is to be their mommy! I want to love and nurture them, be diligent in prayer for them, encourage them, provide fun memories and traditions for them, play games with them and delight in their imaginative play. I want to be joyful and full of grace, to give them the gift of my time and attention, and disciple them by loving Jesus passionately myself and through speaking the truths of Scripture to them throughout our days together.

It goes without saying-- at least in my mind and heart-- that
more important than even those things is my relationship with God~ time spent in His word and in prayer and worship.

Add to those things the job of educating our children, and all the books I want to read aloud to them that I've got to find a way to squeeze into the next several years while they're still home! :)... and my role of keeping our home, the laundry and tidying and cleaning and planning and shopping. And I want to cook healthy, delicious food and eat meals around our table and have rousing discussions and lots of laughter. Add to that our extended family and the friends God has blessed me with... and my "plate" is gloriously full!

In a culture of many, many opportunities and things that vie for our time~ many of them truly
good things, even: I want to choose the best things, and glorify my God in my attention to those few significant things.

I just wanted to say those things "out loud" :)

Blessings to each and every one of you today as you pursue the things God has given you!



  1. Such a very good and timely reminder. Living for the Glory of God is a high and noble calling. Let's lift each other up in prayer striving to run the race.

  2. It sounds like January's month of reflection was fruitful for you. Bless you, Stacy, in all that you do (and do so well).

  3. Oh man, my heart screamed YES to that quote! As well as everything else you said. :) As much as there might be a truckload of things that my flesh would like to succeed in, when I stand in glory there are only a few things that I really, really want the Lord to tell me I did well.

    I'm thankful for you Stacy! You do such a great job of loving your family well and putting God first and foremost in your life. I was excited to see a blog post from you today!

  4. Your back....missed you much. :o)

    Such truth in that statement. Funny how I have been wrestling a few things to the ground related to this very thing. How I get distracted by "other" things and loose my focus on the primary things.
    It is so easy to cease to joy in the main things when wishing for those "other" things. God is after my heart in one particular area and I am kicking and screaming a bit.

    So I take the encouragement here to keep the focus on the few things in order to live them well, instead of squandering them away with many things done half way! Love your heart friend.

    Maybe material for our letters??

  5. AMEN.

    I love it when you talk out loud. I'm listening.

  6. I tweeted that quote after I read it. It's AWESOME! Thanks, Stacy!

  7. Yes, and awesome quote! I adore the picture of Mark and the kids - you two are fabulous parents!!

  8. I am absolutely with you on sorting priorities and devoting time to a few very worthy things instead of many simply good things. It reminds me of that Bible verse that talks about "all things are permissible but not all things are beneficial." (Can't remember which verse it is...and maybe I butchered it, but you get the point.)
    I've been feeling the need to pare down a lot lately too...
    Trying to figure out what matters and what doesn't.
    Good post.

  9. Wonderful post Stace. And I say a hearty "amen." A book I am reading had a chapter dealing with women trying to be perfect. And the clear message was one that resonated with me. In lines with this post it was: make sure the expectations on your plate are from God not from you.

    Love you!

  10. As I read and re-read your post, I kept seeing you wrote, "I want to be..."
    Well, I say you already are those things you "want to be." You are a wonderful wife and mother. You devote yourself to us in every way, every day. And you do it well, because 1) You're just really talented at multi-tasking and managing this household, 2) You're purposeful and intentional, and 3) You love us well -- completely, selflessly, passionately.

    You're the best. I'm so proud of you and thankful for you.

    Loving you,

  11. Carolynn~ Yes. And I love your word choice: it is indeed a noble calling.

    Annie~ It was. :) Blessings to you, too, friend.

    Jodi~ Me too. :) And thank you for your kind words, Jodi. I am thankful for you, too.

    Sandi~ Thank you! It's good to be back. I like how you put it: "keep the focus on the few things in order to live them well, instead of squandering them away with many things done half way. Yes.

    Tonia~ Thank you, sweet friend.

    Beth~ It's a good quote!

    Teri~ Thanks, Teri, for saying so...

    Mrs. B~ Yes! Great verse!

    Amy~ Thank you, Ame... I know you share this value of keeping focused on the important things, and I admire that in you! Love you.

    Mark~ Aww... you're good to me. Thank you for your love and encouragement. I love you.

    Lucy~ thanks, Lucy!

  12. Love that quote Stacy! And your musings. i've missed you here. =)

  13. AMEN! AND AMEN! And I have tears in my eyes as I read Mark's comments praising you! I'm just beginning a book called "Large Family Logistics"...the last thing I read last night before bed was this.

    "Build a firm foundation on the Holy Scriptures. Become a Wise Woman. Become an Excellent Wife that shines as a precious jewel to your husband and family."

    Keep it up, Wise Woman and Excellent Wife!
    Jess O.


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