Happy Valentines Day!

Here's our only Valentines Day tradition: Yogurt Coffee cake for breakfast, cut into heart shapes with powdered sugar on top (the chocolates on the side were an extra treat this year!)

(I added some eggs and bacon to those plates so it was a slightly more well-balanced meal. :))

We also made these this morning, thanks to Elizabeth's recipe. She said they were "little kid-friendly", and she was right! Even Audra and Adelia were able to help with these!

And look how cute they turned out! We'll definitely be making these again. :)


  1. Mmmm... my mom made those for Christmas. They're super yummy.

  2. So much creative fun. can i come be a kid in your house? My kids got to eat Hershey kisses but straight out of the wrapper :o)
    I might just have to grab another bag and try these just for fun.

    Love your tradition building here.

  3. Very fun! Happy Valentine's Day. :)

  4. We always make those pretzel things for our Sunday school teachers at Christmas. I LOVE them. And love that everyone can help too. Happy valentines day!


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