Bunting and a birthday gift

Our little girls have their birthdays coming up, and that inspired me to sit down recently with my basket of fabric scraps and make some bunting. (I love bunting. Isn't it so cheery?) This was a quick project and reminded me all over again how much I love working with fabric.

[Quick instructions: Draw a triangle on some cardstock, pin it onto various fabric scraps, and cut out some pieces. (Mine has 14 pieces). Iron the pieces onto some fusible interfacing and cut them out again. Thread a needle with some string (I used bakers twine but you could easily use embroidery thread or regular thread) and draw your needle through the top corners of the pieces. Hang it up and you're done.]

I was up late last night working on this, for Adelia...

...which, when finished, will be her very own Pencil-and-Notebook case to take to church. I think she'll be quite pleased and feel very grown-up to have one just like her older siblings.


  1. Very cute! Did you decide to go with Velcro after all with the ones for her and Isaias? Or did you opt for the tie? :)

  2. I didn't know that was called "bunting"! Now I do! And yours is so cute. I often have made something similar out of paper. My favorite was a miniature one I made to go around a car racecourse birthday cake. :)
    It's so fun to make our kids' birthdays special in little ways like this!
    rebecca m

  3. OOHHH! this is lovely. Thanks for sharing!


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