Grateful: Monday, August 1

{ snippets from my list over the past few months }

1519 | apple blossoms
1522 | tiny strawberry plants
1524 | picture books strewn across my bed from some early-morning reading with the girls
1539 | color.  vibrant, beautiful color
1544 | the tiny bouquet of lilacs- light and dark- sitting on the patio table
1559 | bare feet, five sets of them- scampering through the yard
1565 | our beautifully blooming Hawthorne tree
1566 | the slope of our front lawn, perfect for little bodies to roll down
1567 | pansies in terra cotta pots at the front window
1569 | that He does not treat us as our sins deserve
1571 | the way Audra calls "hair pretties" (barrettes, elastics, etc) "pretty hairs", as in: "Mommy, I have pretty hairs in!"
1572 | waking in the mornings to Adelia and Audra singing worship songs
1573 | the way they play together: tucking dollies into beds, singing songs, jumping, dancing, exploring...
1579 | coming home
1602 | Audra's prettily-painted fingernails that were done at a library craft fair the kids attended yesterday with grandma.  Several times I've seen her splay her fingers out in front of herself and admire them.  And several times she has told me about how two girls without tutus (skirts) did that (painted her nails.)  In her world, not wearing a tutu is a serious offense.


  1. I love that Audra classifies others as those "with tutus" and those "without tutus". So cute!

  2. I can't wait to show Audra "my" tutu when she comes to dance with me!! (:

  3. Jodi~ I know. She cracks me up. :)

    Kristin~ Thanks!

    Mom~ YOU COMMENTED ON MY BLOG!!!! ~smile~
    I can't wait to personally see your tutu. :) The girls are going to love it.


  4. Well, I FINALLY figured out how to do it, thanks to your help! (: Yes, I tried my tutu on yesterday and checked it out in the mirror - the girls will love it, and Brady is sure to have a good laugh!


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