Practical solution for a 3-year old's clothes

About a year ago we put Adelia's clothes in these (cheap IKEA) bins as a temporary solution while we figured out where to permanently put them. It only took me a month to decide that this was indeed our permanent solution. I love this storage option, and if we had more room underneath the beds I would do this for Audra's clothes, too. It's so simple.

Two bins.

One for tops, one for bottoms.

Very visible, those clothes, which is great for my little girl who likes to change her outfit every 12 minutes.

Tidiness doesn't matter so much. If the clothes are in the bin, I'm happy.

She can easily put her own laundry away.

The bins have wheels for easy access.

They slide right back under the bed and are out of sight!

It works for us!


  1. Such a great idea. I might have to do something like that for my boys. I have a 4year old boy that likes to change his shirts about 12 times a day!

  2. I have come to love all the incredibly cute little Stacy drawings you do. :) This is a great idea! Just out of curiosity, do your little girls ever dump the bins out just for the fun of it?

  3. Great idea! Those are cute bins too! I binned my little boy clothes last year and it's been great! (they're only a year apart and mostly wear the same clothes). I'm thinking about doing this for a few of my girls too as their closet is getting crowded with a clunky dresser in there. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Mama Bender~ Yeah. We've got that going on here, too. Lots of clothes-changing in one day! ;)

    Jodi~ Aw, thanks, friend. They haven't dumped out the bins yet (surprisingly!) but Adelia often pulls out a lot of clothes to find just the right ensemble and leaves them there in a pile on the floor. But it's easy enough to have her clean them up!

    Anna~ I WISH my girls were wearing the same size! That would make my life SO MUCH EASIER! I'm so happy that's the case for you. :)

  5. I'm with Jodi....I just love all your little drawings!! You should start a collection of jpeg images of your SUPER cute little drawings for your less artistic readers ((like ME!!!!)) to print off!! :)


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