View of my bed these days

{as I plan out next year's school schedule}

If you can believe it now that I've shown you the pictures, each year I do get a little more organized. I'm just a visual person and need to have it all laid out in front of me as I go. ;)


  1. We are more alike then I realized :o). I bought on of those lap trays (on sale) for a laptop so I can have a hard surface to write on in all the papers and books. I am so visual too.

  2. I love your striped pencil too. So prefer a real pencil over a mechanical one....I know, I am weird.

  3. So no room for Mark anymore?? :) I like to have everything out like that too.

  4. Oh that made me feel so good to see those pictures. Our homeschool table is piled high right now with books and lists and charts .... I have to have it all at my fingertips. I'm aiming to start the new school year August 1st so it's crunch time! This year I'm trying to have everything pre-done so I just will need to tweak the schedule and not plan out everything every week!

  5. Wow, it looks like you are getting VERY organized. Are you feeling better now that you've had it spread out?

  6. Sandi~
    It's actually rare that I use a pencil. I'm TOTALLY a pen girl. It's one section of the store I'm always drawn to.

    Oh, I clean it off every night, so there are piles by my bed until I re-distribute them all over again on top of my bed the next afternoon!

    I'm so happy my mess made you feel good. :) Wow... August 1st! That IS crunch time. We're beginning at the end of August and I feel like my time for planning is really waning these days. Blessings to you as you plan out your year... (that's the way I do it, too- everything pre-done is my goal!)

    I'm trying. I love having it all spread out. I can think so much better that way... ;)


  7. That's all? It's only covering half of your bed. :) My bed is about the same if not worse when I am planning. I got the idea to plan the whole year out from Kendra at, and I am so glad I did. I think I would loathe homeschooling if I had to plan out each week as we got to it.

  8. That's a king-sized bed, Angela! :) That's a LOT of stuff on there. :) Yep. Kendra is who introduced me to that idea, too, and I love it. Last year was the first year I tried it and it helped so much. This year I'm going for it again!


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