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So often when my kids do narrations I forget that it can be so much more than simply a verbal retelling of what we've read.

Yesterday when I was cleaning out some stuff I came across these notes* I once jotted down of narration ideas, so I'm putting them here on the blog in case I need to find them again someday, and in case this list might help some of you!

You can have your child...
...Draw a picture
...Set up a scene with toys, and verbally act it out
...Put on a paper doll production
...Do a skit/play
...Draw/sketch the story on the dry-erase board or chalkboard, explaining what happened
...Create 3-5 questions and then have one of their siblings answer (or you!)

The times where I have varied it up are the most memorable times-- and the ones the kids still talk about. A few things we have done for creative narrations...

-After we've read something from the Bible or our history book, I've said, "Okay. Now act it out!" And off they go... choosing parts, playing it out, asking for their "lines".

-I have had them recreate a scene/story with LEGOS or Playmobiles.

-I've had them draw pictures.

When I found that list again yesterday, I was encouraged to get creative with our narrations for next year. And since I'm madly working on my "Master Schedule" for next year, I may even *schedule* what creative method I'll ask them to do for each narration.

Are there other things you've done in your home for narrations that I can add to my list?

*I can't remember where I read/gleaned these ideas from. I'm not even sure these are all from the same source. But if you have seen this list elsewhere, please do let me know so that I can credit the source!

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  1. I remember reading somewhere about a fun way to get multiple kids involved with narrations. Have the 1st child say a sentence and have the next child fill in what comes next and so on until the whole story has been narrated.


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