"To pack" list for young children

We have a few trips we're taking this summer, and in an effort to be more efficient, I made a "to pack" list for each of the kids, specifically thinking of the non-readers in our home.

Actually, I made a master list. That way, I can keep the master list and just make photocopies for when we need to use this list again! I left a blank line for them to fill in their name and blank lines so that I can fill in the quantity of items they will need to pack.

(I think they'll think this is a fun game when it comes time to pack!)


  1. Love it! I do this and Macie always says to me "ummm, what's that a picture of?" So thankful she can read now. ;) And silly me...I always re-make the list rather than saving it. Your kids are lucky you are an artist and orgainized!

  2. SO CUTE!! Love the little drawings! I'm with Jamie, my kids would be saying "Mama, what is THIS one??!!"
    you know....I was thinking that as a July present to your less-than-artistic-blog-readers, you would consider scanning it in for reprints!?!? Just a fun little thought. :)
    Any chance one of those little trips will result in your family on my doorstep??!! :)

  3. Genius! You posted on this a year or two ago and I thought, "she should really scan a copy of it"-- and YOU DID! Hooray!
    But what is the thing in bottom right hand corner that got cut off? A framed photograph of the Sky (and how many should we bring?)

  4. C-U-T-E! Reposting on the fan page...

  5. Teri~
    Thanks! I was quite proud of myself for thinking of it. ;)

    Aw, thanks, friend! (Although your usage of the word "artist" is veeeerry questionable!) ;)


    You know, IF I knew how to use our scanner and IF I was tech-savvy in ANY way whatsoever? I might do that. But since the answers are no and no, that's not going to be happening. (Sorry!) Writing a post and adding pictures to a post are what I know.

    I know! I used to make up these packing lists on the dry-erase board but this is much more user-friendly. :)
    momco3 said...

    Bottom right-hand corner is a picture of a blanket. Some of our kids have special blankets they MUST have with them for sleeping, so... that's a drawing of one of those blankets. :)

    ALSO: I realized this morning that I had neglected to put "pajamas" anywhere on the list. (Yikes!) So... I added that under the picture of the pillow. ;))


    Fun! Thanks. :)


  6. love it! My daughter often makes a list up for every person but really, we should have a master list - whether you can read or not!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Ditto Mum! (LOL Mum = Belinda!) This is really neat and artistic; this makes me want to go on holidays just so we can make this list and use it! :)

  8. this looks remakably like our list! ha ha.
    love it.


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