Bedroom mailboxes

The girls' bedroom door
Well, that's what we're calling them.  I guess technically they should be called "Bedroom Envelopes", but that's not quite as fun.  :)

Scrap paper near our pencils/crayons/markers buckets, for easy note-making
In any event, they're a hit.  Sure, we're just two days into school, but the kids are HUGELY excited about them, and I am, too.  (Even daddy has dropped notes in the mailboxes!)  And lollipops fit in there quite nicely, too.   I love getting the girls' little scribbles and explanations of what they've written, and I love seeing the kids take the time to bless one another with a note, and I love taking the opportunity to encourage the kids or just say I love you in the form of a note.


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