Organizing schoolwork with binders

me & my girl at the Mariner's game

I hope you're all doing well!  We just wrapped up a great week of vacation-- we worked hard on some house projects (we cleared brush and weeds, moved our fence closer to the alley to make our chicken yard bigger, painted the chicken house and duck house, and then pressure washed the house, sidewalks and patio) and then we played hard (we went swimming, went to a baseball game, went to the zoo).  It was sort of a whirlwind, and I think we're more tuckered out than when we started, but we're thankful for the time to work and play together with daddy!  :)

Our zoo crew (sans Mark, who was taking the picture).  That's my brother Micah there in the orange shirt, with his girlfriend and her daughter.  We had such a great day!

My school planning TO DO list is getting shorter and shorter as I cross things off, and since we start school at the end of this month, that's a good thing!

One of the things on my list is always: "organize school shelves", so here are a couple of pictures of that one in process.  Years ago, I saw a picture on Dana's blog of her color-coded binders, and it inspired me to organize our schoolwork the same way.

Here's what we do: each child has a binder for each subject with their color on the spine.  (They chose their color when we started doing this and there's no turning back now.  Ella is pink, Isaac is green, and Isaias is blue.)  Everything for that subject goes into their labeled binder.  At the end of the year I remove all the papers from the smaller binders and put them all into a big binder, so all of Ella's school work (all subjects) for the year is filed into one big binder (and another for Isaac, and for Isaias).  Then we re-use the smaller colored binders for the following year. 

Those simple binders have been such a great tool for organizing all of our paperwork.  I'd love to hear what works for you, too!  

Also- and this is an ongoing invitation- please feel free to ask any questions (covering any topic) and I'll tackle them in future posts.  (Christy- I'll post soon on what we're doing for history in response to your question.) 

Hope you have a great day!


  1. You are so organized! I love it.

    Sounds like a wonderful week. I bet the chickens are super happy with all of their space! :-)

  2. brilliant idea, Stacy! i may just have to totally steal this. with packing for the move, i pretty much threw all the kids' old school papers away (besides art and bible) ... had i put it all in 1 binder (and felt organized) i probably would have kept it :(

    wondering ... what do you do with all those pages where the holes tear through. we've been using binders all along, but they've gotten frustrated with loose pages, and we had decided on .50 composition books. ... ... then! i read this :)

    ***i'm also looking forward to your history curriculum decision ... or maybe i already know. (GREAT story, btw)

    have a great mid-week

  3. I have not read your blog in a long time. The kids have sooooo grown! You and I are on the same brain wavelength about the binders. I haven't put mine together, but I am planning on doing that this year. :) Thank you for the reminder of inspiration!!!

    I do have a question though! You move from the smaller binders to the big one binder. Are there any pros/cons to just keeping in a big binder all year? I was thinking that with dividers. You are further along in your process than I am, so I thought I would ask :) .

  4. Love your binders!! thank you for the inspiration. i also couldn't help but notice you have the vos story bible. We have used this a few years now and really enjoy it. thank you for sharing what works for you-it is inspiring as i look at a new year coming. :)


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