P is for pie

We discovered some blackberries near our home and went picking yesterday.  I love blackberries, and am so thankful God grows them free for our picking.  The kids were troopers- and braved the thorny branches with cheer.  They were good pickers, too!

our bounty

washed and ready

rolling out the pie dough.  {if it weren't for this step right here i'd make a lot more pies!}

ready for the oven

while the blackberry pie was baking, we began the apple pie {and some helpers showed up!  isaac rolled out the dough and ella mixed the appes + other ingredients and tucked them into the pie crust}


done.  {you'll notice the apple has a crumb crust.  i couldn't bear to roll out a fourth crust.}

Remember awhile ago I told you that Mark and I were having themed date nights, according to the letters of the alphabet?  It was my week, and we've made it to the letter P.   (Hence, the pies.)  Baked goods (with sugar) are one of Mark's love languages, and apple pie is his very, very favorite dessert.

He was pleased. 


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