Tonight, at bedtime...

I was lying on Ella's bed with her tonight as we tucked the girls in.  She had such a concerned look on her face. 

[me]  "Are you okay, honey?"
[Ella]  "I'll tell you later- because of Adelia and Audra."
[me, scooting closer to her]  "You can whisper in my ear."
[Ella, whispering and teary]  "I'm just sad that the baby is really dead."
[me]  "We told you the baby had died, honey...."
[Ella]  "I know.  But I prayed that God would bring the baby back to life."

...and then just minutes later, while tucking Audra (4), in:

[Audra] "I'll pray for you to have another baby, mommy..."
[me, bending to kiss her] "Thank you, sweet girl."
[Audra] " that doesn't die."


We are still waiting for my body to physically miscarry this tiny one.... it's been just over 3 weeks and my midwife says my body seems to be "stubborn".  When I repeated that to Mark, he said "that's because your body just wants to take care of this baby."  True.

Thank you for your continued prayers, friends.  This has been a difficult few weeks.


  1. Oh Stacy, I didn't realize that part of the miscarriage hadn't happened yet. I'm afraid to think how I would be if this was happening to me. You are such an encouragement and I will pray more diligently and more precisely for you and your family. I love you, dear internet friend. And Mark's comment is so dear, what a treasure he is. Make sure Ella knows that; it is a comfort to have such a daddy and husband like him. xoxo

    1. Thank you, sweet Heather. We are now past that, and I'm forming a post with more details. Thank you for your prayers.
      Mark IS such a treasure. He is the best, and we are daily thankful for him. (((hugs))) to you, friend.

  2. ((((hugs))))
    Oh friend, I am so sorry. My body was stubborn too. It is hard to wait in this place. Continued prayers for all of you, Sweet Ella's heart that girl.

  3. Oh Stacy, I am praying right now. I remember that a part of me was happy that I could still hold the baby in this way, but another part of me knew the harsh reality. I'm so sorry my friend. I am praying for so much joy and grace to fill your heart, mind and body. And, for your family too. We love you xoxo

    1. Thank you, Lucy....
      As I posted in my response to Heather, we've moved past the waiting now. I will post more details as I have the time.
      Thank you for your faithful prayers, friend.

  4. Children have a way of undoing us, don't they?
    Blessings to you all in this hard, hard season.



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