First day back after our "December" break ;)

Today was our first day back to school.  I had planned to begin last week, but two of the kids were sick so my good intentions fell apart. What we DID do last week was make and mail out all of our Christmas thank you cards (which is no small undertaking; I think we sent out nearly 30 cards) and we took a field trip to see some eagles who were fishing for salmon at a nearby river. 


But this week?  We're in.  We are gradually easing our way back to routine. 

Our (light) schedule for today was:

Devotions (independent Bible time)
Breakfast (oatmeal)
   Bible & narrations
   My ABC Bible Verses
Outside Time (20 min)
Ella: Piano practice
Isaias: Spelling
Isaac: storytime with the little girls
Read-aloud (I began reading Little House in the Big Woods; I read it in 2008 with the older three, but now I get to read it again so that the little girls can appreciate it.)
Nature Study
Picture Study: Diego Velazquez
Isaac: Piano practice

That's it!  What we didn't do that would normally be on our Monday schedule:

-me, waking up by 6:30.  (I woke at 7:45)
-memory work at breakfast
-Daily Checklist (for the older three): Math, Copywork/Cursive and Assigned reading

But it was a good first day back!

Hope you had a wonderful day!

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  1. We are twins. :) We started back today too though I'd meant to start last Monday. But... sick kids. And a mom who just really wanted one more week to relax. :) We had a good day though and during the kids' rest time I started The Light Between Oceans. What wonderful writing!

    1. We *are* twins! :) Same- needed one more week. Plus, I wanted to revamp some things in our schedule so I wanted the extra time. (Not that I actually did much to our schedule, but.... ;))
      I am SO happy to hear you're reading that book! Hooray! Hope you enjoy the whole book.

  2. We have a planned break until February while my husband is off from work, but the kids have taken turns being sick so I'm glad we don't have anything formal planned.

  3. How thoughtful to send Christmas thank you cards, esp. handmade, but I'm even more amazed that you got to sleep to 7:45! Amazing!


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