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Whenever we sit down with our nature journals, outdoors or indoors, I think "Why don't we do this more often?"  We love this.

Last week I grabbed a vase of flowers, a stick from the yard, and a snipping off of our camellia tree, set them all in the middle of the table, and we painted.  Well, they painted while I read aloud, and then I joined them when I'd finished the chapter and they were still working.  ;)


This one is from my five-year-old:

and this, from my six-year-old:

I was so proud of her because sitting still is nearly impossible for her and she generally lasts about a minute during any crafting time.  But she painted!  And look: you can even make out a flower there on her page.  :) 

This next one is from my nine-year-old:


and this, from the eleven-year-old:


This one is Ella's (age 13):


Finally, here's mine.  (Don't look too closely, though, because I misspelled Camellia when I first wrote it.  I've since changed it but this picture bothers me because of the typo.  ;))


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  1. "Why don't we do this more often? We love this."

    ^^ I can so relate to this, Stacy! That's how we feel too any time we make the extra effort to paint. Honestly, it's a lot of work for me (to set everyone up and keep the littles happy ;)), but I never regret it. We always have such fun.

    These are all really lovely! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Celeste. And thank you for the wonderful idea of your link-up. :) It IS a lot of work--- the willingness to make a mess while it's happening, the clean-up of everything--- and everything is just a little crazier with littles. :) Blessings to you and yours,

  2. My children are loving sketching more and more too, Stacy. Just doing it every week and trying to get into the habit of it has seemed to help them enjoy it so much more. And if they enjoy it, I enjoy it. It's not a chore anymore; it's a delight. :)

    1. Yes! It's a good habit, for sure. So glad you're delighting in it right along with them. (Me, too!)
      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, Lisa!

  3. Thanks for making the time to do this. I love seeing all their work and, even more, their proud faces as they show off this masterpieces.

  4. Ohhh, they all captured some part of the red flowers. And yours, my goodness, I knew it would like really nice, but the veining on your leaves is lovely.


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