I have two friends I used to work with. One is single, never married, no children. One is married and has a little daughter (1), and works full-time. Occasionally I meet one or both of them for dinner. Always, they ask something like, "So... what do you DO during the day?" I smile, because their tone implies that what they're really asking is this: "Isn't it boring to be home all day?"

I thought of this again this morning as I finally sat down. Out of curiosity, I spent a couple minutes remembering-- than jotting down what we'd done so far:

-Alarm goes off at 6:20, I'm up.

-I leave to go walking with my mom.

-Back in the house, I hear that our youngest is awake in his crib.

-I see my husband off to work. I hop into the shower.

-Shower is interrupted a couple of minutes later by the pitter-patter of littlefeet. First, my daughter (4) , then my oldest son (3). I peek my head out to say good morning and give them wet kisses.

-They exit the bathroom to check on little brother (1), leave the door open. Steam from my hot shower sets off the smoke alarm.

-I scramble out of the shower, alarm is stopped, I get dressed.

-I get our youngest son out of bed.

-Change both boys' diapers.

-Oldest son's jammies are wet; we head downstairs to find some clothes. Find them in the hampers of clean laundry that are sitting in front of the dryer; waiting to be carried upstairs. (Laundry days at our house are Monday and Tuesday. It's Friday. None of our laundry has been folded or put away for the week. And I'm sure if I checked, there's a load that has been sitting in the washing machine for a couple of days.)

-Get oldest son dressed.

-Grab wrapping paper, tape and scissors and wrap gifts for a birthday party we're going to later in the morning.

-Send my daughter to get crayons, get the kids busy coloring on the wrapping paper while I try to load the dishwasher. (I like to start my day with a clean kitchen and we had a birthday party to go to last night so it didn't get done.)

-Phone rings. It's my mom. Her hairdryer broke, can she come over and use mine? Yes.

-I get the kids snuggled on the couch to watch Zoboomafu, mom comes in.

-Mom dries her hair, we chit-chat for a few minutes, she leaves, kids say goodbye from the couch.

-I head to finish loading up the dishwasher, hoping I'll have some time to check email, too... while the kids are watching TV.

-My daughter realizes grandma just left. And she wanted to wave goodbye from the window. I told her it was too late; grandma was already gone. She begins to cry. I ask her to stop. She's distracted by the TV. I turn the TV off, send her to my room for a time-out.

-I turn the TV back on for the boys, go to talk with my daughter.

-My daughter's time-out has now turned into a need to administer the rod of correction. I do that. I then ask her to sit on my bed quietly for a few minutes and think of her attitude.

-I go check email (3 min), bring clothes for my daughter on the way up the stairs (also found in hampers!)

-Go into our room to pray with her, remind her of this verse: "A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control" . I hug her. The boys interrupt us once, as Zoboo is now over. I tell them to wait in the living room for us. They obey, but then we hear some commotion while Ella is praying for wisdom and self-control. Both boys are crying and making their way back to us.

-We wrap up; I find out that my younger son had bitten my older son on the hand, so he retaliated by biting my younger son back- on the arm. I check both boys' arms; they're fine. I give a stern reprimand to crying younger son, and a swat. Send oldest son to the room to await discipline. Daughter is getting dressed.

-I talk to my older son about how he should not retaliate if he is bitten, hit, or pushed. I lead him in a prayer where he confesses that he made trouble with his brother by biting, and asks God to strengthen him in kindness and love. He is disciplined and goes to make things right with his brother.

-It is way past time for breakfast.

-I go to make pancakes.

-Oldest son is requesting a cup of milk, daughter would like a cup of water with ice. As I'm getting those (and making pancakes), I notice that the ice cube trays need to be refilled. I do that.

-While they eat, I finally get the dishwasher loaded.

-By the time I'm done, the kids are done and need to be cleaned up. I stall them so I can sit and eat.

-I look at the clock.

It is 9:30.

Boring? Nah. Our days are pretty eventful, actually!


  1. Nov. 17, 2006 - Good for you....
    Posted by Sandi
    getting the walk in. That is one area I think we moms can easily neglect ourselves.
    I haven't been on my treadmill in Oh.......2 weeks. But after the is all back on. My day looked a bit like yours except I only had two to correct and it was in between boxes LOL! I keep loosing them cause they keep hiding in the boxes. Obviously I don't have enough stuff in them yet.
    Okay my little computer break is over......back to the boxes and ....the children where ever they are :o)

    And I am trying your bread in a few weeks in my brand new stove. I just can't picture making homemade bread until the boxes are gone!


    Nov. 17, 2006 - AND.....
    Posted by Sandi
    It always makes me laugh when people think we are bored. Hahahahahahahahaha!
    staying at home and parenting my children has been the most wonderful challenge I have ever attempted.....

    By His grace


    Nov. 17, 2006 - Untitled Comment
    Posted by momco3
    I love "A Day in the Life" sotries from homeschoolers. I am always both humbled and inspired. Post these type of posts often, please. =)


    Nov. 18, 2006 - I am smiling so big!
    Posted by Michelle
    I was smiling so big while I was reading this...right up to the point where the smoke alarm went off...then I left out loud, because I felt like I was there!! =) There is no stay-at-home days are just as busy as my at-work days!! I often joke that I need to work part-time to get some rest! =) Love you.....and love hearing about your day. I don't buy that stuff about "daughter", though....are you SURE that sweet girl was acting like that???


    Nov. 18, 2006 - typo correction!! =)
    Posted by Michelle
    I meant "LAUGHED OUT LOUD"...not "left out loud"...but, you knew what I meant, right???


    Nov. 18, 2006 - Funny
    Posted by genamayo
    That was great, Stacy. No, our days are never boring! It's really a wonder we can ever get anything done!


    Nov. 19, 2006 - Exactly!
    Posted by dawilli
    I can totally relate! Boring? Most days there isn't a spare moment! And I am usually so exhausted by the end of the day that I could just collapse. But it's a good exhausted feeling, an 'it was so worth it' feeling.
    It's a hard job for me, one that doesn't come naturally- I was raised a latch-key kid by ever working parents with absolutely no discipline and no real responsibilities, so this has been one big, huge, learning process for me- and I wouldn't trade it for anything!
    Keep up all your great work, your children are so very blessed to have you,


    Nov. 19, 2006 - Boring Days? No way!
    Posted by Sarah
    Oh I laughed while reading this post!! Sounds so much like my days. Before my boys came home I was so afraid that I would be board, but I don't think I've been any where even remotely close in the past 10 months!!


    Nov. 19, 2006 - Untitled Comment
    Posted by Aligirl
    That was great! The other day I was listening to a stay at home mom talk about her day. She has 2 boys, and one goes off to kindergarten, and she stays home and does her home business. She said..If I didn't have my home business, I'd go crazy. I held my tongue, but I wanted to say.. Try homeschooling! You'll never be bored!

    Your day sounds like a wonderful, typical christian stay at home, homeschooling mom day! I love it!



    Nov. 20, 2006 - right there with you
    Posted by MicheleinNZ
    You just described my day, except I get up at 5:45 to walk with one of my friends (not that I'm any more disciplined, just that her husband leaves for work early and my kids are up by 6:30) and my day often includes cornflakes spilled on the floor by the 14 month old. They usually stay there most of the day until i just can't stand the crunchy sound everytime I walk through the kitchen!

    At least when I worked I always got morning and afternoon tea breaks!

  2. Congratulations on the disipline you hand out when needed! More kids today need spankings!


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