Saturday gratitude

540. snow!

541. the exuberance of E & I upon peering outside this morning
542. snow nestled in the trees
543. a Creator who thought of snow
544. making a snowman. at 7:40 in the morning.
545. my children all bundled up
546. cold fingers and toes that are certain to be warmed
547. hot cocoa with marshmellows
548. the paper snowflakes we plan to make today. (Thank you, Ann!)

[Snowflake photo courtesy of the stock.xchng.]

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  1. Nov. 25, 2006 - Oh how beautiful....
    Posted by Sarah
    Oh Carlos will be so envious! I told him that once the leaves fall from the tree in our back yard then it is winter….and he said, “Winter means snow!!” Well, we have no more leaves and no snow yet. But he asks almost every day if today is the day for snow!!


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